In Style Eyes C Moore Progressive Bifocal Reading Glasses – Sleek Aviator Style for Men and Women


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Do you find yourself squinting to read restaurant menus, prescription labels, text messages on your phone, ingredients on food packages, and more? Do you get headaches or eyestrain from trying to focus on close objects? As we age, our eyes’ natural ability to accommodate for near vision declines. The In Style Eyes C Moore bifocal reading glasses provide a stylish solution to bring reading into focus again.

These classic aviator-style bifocal reading glasses feature lightweight metal frames with spring hinges for optimal fit and comfort. The sleek metal wire design is available in silver, gold, and pewter tones to coordinate with any wardrobe. Subtle engravings on the temples add interest without overpowering the iconic aviator look.

The C Moore bifocals have durable, scratch-resistant lenses with a discreet bifocal reading section at the bottom. The magnifying power ranges from 1.0x to 3.0x in 0.5 diopter increments, so you can choose the strength you need for reading restaurant menus, medicine labels, text messages, books, crafting patterns, and more. The upper part of the lenses have no magnification for clear distance vision.

Bifocal lenses have two different optical powers blended together into one lens. The upper portion is for distance viewing, while the lower segment magnifies close-up objects for clear reading vision. The progressive design provides a smooth transition between the two viewing zones. There are no visible lines like traditional bifocal or trifocal lenses.

Key Features:

  • Stylish unisex aviator-style metal frame reading glasses
  • Lightweight wire frame with spring hinges for optimal fit
  • Choice of silver, gold, or pewter metal frame finish
  • Progressive bifocal lenses range from 1.0x to 3.0x magnification strength
  • Distortion-free aspheric lenses for clear vision
  • Discreet bifocal reading area at bottom of lens
  • Upper lens has no magnification for distance viewing
  • Durable scratch-resistant lenses

Rediscover the Joy of Reading with Bifocal Support

As we get older, the lenses in our eyes gradually lose flexibility and have a harder time focusing up close. Presbyopia, the gradual loss of near vision and accommodating ability, starts in our 40s and continues through older age. Reading glasses provide the visual assistance needed to offset this natural decline in close-up focusing ability.

Bifocal lenses allow you to see clearly both near and far. The upper section lets you view distances without magnification, while the lower reading segment brings small text and objects into focus. There are no lines or visible transitions between the two viewing zones.

The In Style Eyes C Moore bifocal reading glasses provide a seamless solution for tackling essential everyday reading tasks. Keep a pair in your purse, car, office, nightstand, and kitchen so you always have reading glasses when you need them. Stop squinting, straining, and getting headaches. Rediscover the joy of reading menus, books, labels, newspapers, craft patterns, and anything else you need to see up close.

Sleek Yet Practical Vision Support

As we get older, practical solutions become part of maintaining our active lifestyles. But practical doesn’t have to mean boring or ugly. The In Style Eyes C Moore bifocals prove that reading glasses can be stylish and functional. The metal aviator frame flatters a wide variety of face shapes and styles. Whether you prefer bold retro glasses or subtle slim frames, these bifocals complete your look.

The lower reading magnification allows you to continue doing all the essential close-up tasks of daily life. Read text messages, emails, and notifications on your smartphone without squinting or headaches. See ingredients, cooking instructions, and nutritional information on food packages. Effortlessly read menus in dim restaurants. Easily follow knitting patterns, woodworking instructions, and any other hobbies requiring attention to detail.

Life is too short to miss out on any of the details. Keep your eyes happy and styling with the In Style Eyes C Moore progressive bifocal reading glasses.


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