Invisible Transition Photochromic Bifocal Reading Glasses for Men and Women – Square Sunglasses for Outdoor Activities


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Be prepared for any lighting condition with these ingenious invisible transition photochromic bifocal reading glasses! The specially designed lenses adjust effortlessly to changing light, while the bifocal design lets you seamlessly switch between reading and distance vision.

Lenses Automatically Adjust for Indoor and Outdoor Use

The magic is in the lenses! They are specially crafted with photochromic technology that reacts to ambient light. When you move indoors or out of direct sunlight, the lenses subtly shift to a lighter tint so you can see clearly. Once you step back into the sun, the lenses effortlessly transition to a dark tint in seconds.

You’ll love the convenience of wearing one pair of glasses for all occasions. No more swapping between separate reading glasses and sunglasses. Just put these on and go about your day, while the lenses automatically adjust for optimized vision and protection.

Bifocal Design Provides Clear Reading and Distance Vision

These ingenious glasses have bifocal lenses, with the upper part optimized for distance vision and the lower section for reading.

The prescription-ready distance portion gives you crisp clear sight, so you can drive, watch TV, recognize faces, and take in beautiful scenery. When you glance downward, the lower reading portion lets you view text up close without straining your eyes. No need to constantly push your glasses up and down your nose!

You’ll love seamlessly switching between reading restaurant menus, books, smartphones, and computer screens to seeing clearly across the room.

Lightweight Frames Offer Premium Comfort

The lightweight TR90 frame is specifically engineered for comfort and durability. The squared lens shape and thin profile provide an optimal field of vision with minimal frame intrusion.

Built-in spring hinges add flexibility when putting on and taking off the glasses. Adjustable silicone nose pads prevent slippage and minimize pressure points on the bridge of your nose.

The smooth shape fits comfortably over ears without pinching, so you can wear the glasses all day long. Anti-allergy acetate temple tips maintain skin-friendly comfort behind your ears.

Universal Styling for Men and Women

Show off your fashion sense with the contemporary square lens silhouette. The polished black frame and grey photochromic lenses lend understated versatility that complements both casual and professional attire.

The stylish yet subtle design suits men and women of all ages. You’ll love wearing these glasses for everything from weekends outdoors to business professional settings. The adjustable fit ensures a custom feel for petite to larger faces.

Premium Accessories for Safety and Convenience

Each pair includes a protective glasses case, cleaning cloth, and glasses bag. The hard-shell case prevents lenses from getting scratched in your purse or pocket. Keep the microfiber cleaning cloth handy to wipe away smudges and dust. The included drawstring bag lets you store your glasses on the go.

We also provide a glasses repair kit for tightening loose screws and replacing nose pads as needed. Our friendly customer support team is ready to assist if you have any issues or questions.

A Multifunctional Eyewear Solution

With their innovative transition lenses and bifocal reading design, these glasses provide an all-in-one eyewear solution. You’ll love the convenience of having clear vision indoors and outdoors, near and far.

Seamlessly go about your day without constantly switching glasses or straining your eyes. Look stylish while keeping your vision crisp and protected in any situation.

Order your pair today to experience the freedom of photochromic bifocal reading glasses!


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