Jcerki Bi Tao Super Light 100% Titanium Bifocal Reading Glasses for Men & Women – Fashionable Rimless Eyeglasses + Case


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Look Sharp and Read Clearly with Jcerki Bi Tao Super Light Titanium Bifocal Reading Glasses

Do you find yourself squinting to read restaurant menus, books, newspapers, ingredient labels or anything else up close? Do your eyes feel strained after hours spent in front of a computer screen? If so, it may be time to get yourself a pair of bifocal reading glasses.

Bifocal reading glasses have a special lens design with a magnifying lower segment that makes it easier to see things close up. The upper segment has little or no magnification for clear distance vision. Bifocals allow you to seamlessly switch between reading vision and distance vision without having to swap between two pairs of glasses or peer over the top of your readers.

Jcerki Bi Tao bifocal reading glasses feature super lightweight 100% titanium frames for incredible comfort. The flexible, durable titanium material is hypoallergenic and won’t cause skin irritation or leave indentations on your nose or behind your ears. At just 17 grams, you may even forget you’re wearing them!

The stylish rimless frame design gives these eyeglasses a modern, sleek look. The see-through frames create an unobstructed line of vision and showcase the lenses beautifully. Plus, the neutral metal tone complements any skin tone or outfit. From casual wear to business formal, these titanium bifocals seamlessly fit into any wardrobe.

One of the great things about Jcerki Bi Tao reading glasses is their unisex fit. The frames are designed to comfortably fit most men and women thanks to adjustable silicone nose pads and flexible temple arms. You don’t have to worry about choosing a “men’s” or “women’s” pair.

The 51mm x 29mm lenses offer magnification powers ranging from +1.00 to +2.50. Pick the strength you need for crisp, clear reading vision whether you’re mildly farsighted or need a stronger boost. An anti-reflective coating eliminates glare and eye strain from harsh overhead lights or sun exposure.

Everything you need comes included with your Jcerki Bi Tao bifocal eyeglasses:

– 1 pair of titanium reading glasses
– 1 glasses case to protect your eyewear
– 1 cleaning cloth for smudge-free lenses

Stop squinting and enjoy better vision near and far with these multifunctional bifocal reading glasses. The innovative titanium design is so lightweight and comfortable you may forget you’re even wearing them! But you’ll be reminded every time you glance down effortlessly read a book or check your phone.

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