Jestik Microfiber Cloths – Scratch-Free Cleaning for Glasses, Screens, Lenses


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Tired of smudges, smears, and scratches on your glasses, phone screen, camera lens, and other delicate surfaces? Jestik’s premium microfiber cleaning cloths safely remove dirt, dust, fingerprints, oil, and grime without damaging your valuables.

These ultra-soft lint-free cloths are specially designed to clean eyeglasses, sunglasses, screens, lenses, and more. The ultrafine fibers lift and trap particles without scratching or leaving residue behind. Jestik microfiber cloths safely clean even the most delicate surfaces, keeping them crystal clear and like new.

Key Benefits:

  • Safely cleans glasses, screens, lenses, mirrors, and delicate surfaces
  • Ultrafine microfiber lifts away dirt, dust, fingerprints, oil, and grime
  • Won’t scratch, streak, or leave lint behind
  • Reusable – can be washed and used over and over
  • Soft and absorbent for a thorough clean
  • Portable 6 x 7 inch size
  • Pack of 6 cloths

The Gentle Clean Glasses and Screens Deserve

Babying your valuables means giving them the gentle care they deserve. Jestik microfiber cloths are specially engineered to lift away smudges, dirt, and oils without scratching. The ultra-plush microfiber consists of millions of tiny fibers split into even tinier strands to increase the surface area. This creates a soft, velvety texture that attracts and traps particles rather than pushing them around.

Jestik microfiber cloths safely clean:

  • Eyeglasses – remove dirt, smudges, and skin oils that blur vision
  • Sunglasses – wipe away dust and fingerprints
  • Phones, tablets, laptops – lift away smudges from constant handling
  • Camera lenses and binoculars – eliminate smears and fogging
  • Telescopes, microscopes, optics – keep lenses crystal clear
  • TV/computer monitors and screens – remove dust and fingerprints
  • Car windows, mirrors, and lights – wipe away dirt and fog

The ultrafine microfiber lifts and traps particles for a deeper clean than cotton, tissues, or paper towels. And unlike some fabrics, the microfiber won’t leave behind lint or scratches. Jestik cloths safely clean even the most delicate coatings, including anti-reflective and oleophobic screens.

Portable Cleaning On the Go

Keep Jestik microfiber cloths handy so you can wipe away smudges as soon as they happen. Tuck one in your pocket or bag to clean your glasses after handling them throughout the day. Keep one in the car to wipe away fog on windows and mirrors. Have one handy in your home office, kitchen, bathroom or anywhere screens and delicate surfaces need cleaning.

The compact 6 x 7 inch size takes up minimal space while providing maximum cleaning power. The soft microfiber folds to fit easily in pockets, purses, glove compartments, desk drawers, and more.

Jestik cloths are specially packed to keep each fresh and lint-free until first use. Each set includes 6 reusable cloths. When the cloths become dirty, simply wash them and use them over and over. With the proper care, Jestik microfiber cloths will provide scratch-free cleaning for years to come.

Pamper your valuables with the cleaning tools they deserve. Jestik microfiber cloths provide scratch-free cleaning for glasses, screens, lenses, and delicate surfaces.


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