JiSoo Oversized Cat Eye Reading Glasses for Women – Stylish 1.75x Magnification Cateye Readers


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Tired of boring old lady reading glasses? Sport a sexy, stylish look with these oversized cat eye reading glasses from JiSoo. The dramatic cat eye frame shape adds a playful, feminine vibe while helping you see small text and details effortlessly.

Flattering Cat Eye Frames for Fashion and Function

Who says reading glasses have to be ugly and boring? These cat eye readers prove you can look great while magnifying text to protect your eyes. The retro-inspired oversized cateye frames measure 5.63 inches wide to create a bold, face-flattering look.

The cat eye silhouette slims and defines facial features. It complements round, oval, square, and diamond face shapes beautifully. Bold full frames draw attention upwards for a youthful, vibrant appearance.

But these cateye reading glasses provide more than just good looks. The 1.75x magnification lenses sharpen text and images to prevent squinting and eyestrain. The wider lenses expand your field of vision to make reading menus, books, screens and small details easier at all angles.

Lightweight with Adjustable Spring Hinges

The cateye frames are crafted from lightweight TR90 plastic for long-lasting durability and comfort. Flexible spring hinges connect the arms to the front frames allowing them to flex and adjust to properly fit your face.

The glasses weigh just 14g total for a barely-there feel. Soft rubber arm tips prevent discomfort behind the ears even after prolonged wear. Adjustable silicone nose pads prevent slippage down the nose bridge.

Despite their light weight, these reading glasses can stand up to daily use thanks to the resilient TR90 plastic frames and scratch-resistant lenses. Just fold them up and toss them in your purse or bag without worries.

Superior Optical Grade Lenses

JiSoo only uses optical quality lenses crafted from polycarbonate for maximum visual clarity. The lenses filter 100% UVA/UVB radiation and resist impacts, scratches, oil, and dust.

Experience crisp, undistorted vision whether you wear these cat eye readers for reading, crafting, cooking, or other close-up activities. The 1.75x magnification power provides excellent support for a range of common vision tasks.

When to Wear Reading Glasses

As we age, the lenses in our eyes gradually lose the ability to focus on close objects. This natural vision change typically starts in your 40s as the lenses become stiffer. Reading glasses provide optical magnification to make up for the loss of natural focusing power.

Wear reading glasses anytime you need to view something at close range, such as:

– Reading books, magazines, newspapers
– Sewing, knitting, crafting, jewelry-making
– Assembling small parts
– Reading prescriptions, cooking instructions
– Studying notes, maps, documents
– Reading product labels in stores
– Using phones, computers, tablets
– Reading menus in dim restaurants

Having reading glasses handy in your purse, car, nightstand, office, etc. ensures you can comfortably view and enjoy small print anytime.

Tips for Choosing Reading Glasses

Follow these tips to select the perfect pair of reading glasses for your needs:

– Get regular vision exams to monitor your eyes and determine ideal magnification levels.

– Start with lower powers like +1.25 to +1.50 in your early 40s then increase to +1.75 to +2.25 around age 45+.

– Test different powers to find the right strength. Match strengths to activities – higher powers for reading small text, lower powers for menus/labels.

– Look for adjustable features like spring hinges and nose pads for a customized, non-slip fit.

– Choose durable frames and scratch-resistant lenses to withstand daily use.

– Pick stylish frames that express your personality – no need for “old lady” styles!

Look Fabulous Reading with JiSoo Cat Eye Glasses

Combining fashion and function, these cateye reading glasses let you look great while seeing clearly. The oversized cat eye frame flatters, while the 1.75x magnification lenses make it easy on your eyes. Click Add to Cart now to read in style!


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