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Tired of constantly switching between your reading glasses and sunglasses? Struggling to see up close or far away when you’re inside or outside? Want stylish, comfortable reading glasses you can wear all day long?

Look no further than the Jo Bifocal Reading Glasses with Photochromic Lenses! These innovative glasses feature lenses that automatically darken when exposed to UV rays from the sun, providing crystal clear vision whether you’re reading a book indoors or gazing at the landscape outdoors.

Photochromic Lenses Adapt for Indoor and Outdoor Use

The magic of these bifocal reading sunglasses lies in the photochromic lenses. The lenses contain special molecules that respond to UV light, causing the lenses to quickly darken when you go outside into the sunlight. The tint protects your eyes from glare and harmful UV rays. Once you return indoors away from UV light, the lenses revert back to their clear, transparent state. This allows you to seamlessly transition from reading and computer work inside to driving and outdoor activities without ever changing your glasses!

The photochromic lenses offer UV400 protection, filtering 100% of UVA and UVB rays up to 400nm. Don’t be fooled by cheap lenses that don’t adequately shield your eyes. Our lenses meet and exceed standards for UV protection, ensuring your eyes stay healthy and relaxed whether you’re inside or out.

Precise Magnification Bifocals for Reading and Distance

These revolutionary photochromic reading glasses also feature bifocal lenses to help you see near and far. The upper non-magnified zone allows you to view distance clearly, like watching TV, seeing the board in a classroom, or spotting street signs while driving.

The lower reading zone has a diopter power between +1.00 to +2.50, tailored to your specific needs. This provides the crystal clear magnification you need for close-up tasks like reading books, knitting, working on crafts, browsing your phone, and more. No more straining to see!

With our precise bifocal design, you can ditch your separate readers and distance glasses for good. Enjoy seamless vision at any distance, near or far!

Lightweight TR90 Frames for All Day Comfort

Our reading sunglasses boast lightweight yet durable TR90 frames for exceptional comfort. TR90 nylon polymer material is ultra flexible and resistant to breaks and cracks. The frames weigh just 20g, making you forget you’re even wearing glasses!

The legs feature gentle spring hinges to provide a custom contoured fit to your face. Adjust the angle and placement until the bifocal lenses sit perfectly for your needs. The adjustable silicone nose pads prevent slippage while eliminating pressure on the bridge of your nose for all-day wear.

Choose from a variety of chic frame colors like black, tortoise, purple, and red to complement your personal style. The lightweight rectangular frames suit both men and women.

Fight Eye Strain and Fatigue

In our digital world, our eyes face constant assault from smartphones, tablets, computers, and other electronics that emit high energy blue light. Extended exposure can cause significant eye strain, headaches, fatigue and even long-term eye damage.

The lenses in our photochromic reading glasses are specially formulated to filter out 90% of harmful blue light from digital screens and overhead lighting. This protects your eyes and prevents pain and fatigue when reading, working, or viewing screens for long periods of time. You’ll experience less headaches and eye discomfort at the end of the day.

Safeguard your vision and prevent premature aging of the eyes by making sure you have adequate blue light protection. Slip on a pair of our reading sunglasses today!

Worry-Free Purchase

Your satisfaction with our photochromic bifocal reading glasses is our top priority. We back all our products with a 90-day money back guarantee and 1-year manufacturing warranty. If you have any issues or defects with the frames or lenses, we will gladly provide a replacement pair or full refund at no cost. No more wasting money on readers that break!

Invest in your eye health and comfort today with our innovative bifocal reading sunglasses! With UV protection, blue light blocking, and magnified bifocals, these glasses enhance your vision indoors and outdoors.

Stay stylish and see clearly at every distance with the Jo Reading Glasses. Click Add to Cart Now!


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