Jo Progressive Multifocus Reading Glasses for Everyday Wear


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See Clearly From Near to Far With Jo’s Multifocus Readers. Enjoy Worry-Free Vision For Work, Leisure and Everywhere In Between.

Tackle your to-do list with ease in these progressive multifocal reading glasses from Jo. The lower portion provides full magnification for immersing yourself in the morning paper or finishing that novel before bed. The mid-range offers slightly reduced power for conquering daily computer tasks and binge-worthy streaming. While the top accommodates distance vision so you can take these puppies anywhere – shopping, walking, driving – and see clearly whether up close or far away.

Built for all-day wear, these lightweight readers feature durable TR90 frames that flex to fit comfortably. The clever no-line progressive design looks like a classic single vision lens, but secretly helps you see at varying distances. And you’ll have peace of mind thanks to the scratch-resistant, anti-reflective coating that protects your eyes from excessive glare and blue light.

With Jo’s multifocal reading glasses you’ll wonder how you ever managed without. Make them your go-to pair and enjoy sharp, strain-free vision wherever the day takes you.

See Clearly Near, Far and In Between

Tackle your full spectrum of daily visual tasks with ease in these no-line progressive lenses:

Bottom Section:
Full magnification for close-up activities like reading books and newspapers, sewing, admiring fine details up close, and any detailed handiwork.

Middle Section:
Slightly reduced magnification perfect for computer work, watching TV, using your phone or tablet, cooking, playing cards and more intermediate tasks.

Top Section:
Distance magnification lets you see clearly across the room and further away – ideal for walking, driving, shopping, exercising, playing sports and everyday wear.

With sharp vision from near to far, Jo’s multifocal reading glasses have you covered morning ‘til night. Keep them on all day and enjoy worry-free vision wherever you roam.

Thoughtful Design

Clever features ensure all-day comfort and protection:

No-Line Progressive Design
The lenses look like classic single vision readers, but conceal a progressive design that smoothly transitions magnification from bottom to top.

Lightweight TR90 Frames
Durable thermoplastic frames flex and spring back into shape. Comfortable and lightweight for everyday wear.

Hard coating protects lenses from scratches and daily wear-and-tear.

Reduces glare and eye fatigue from lights and screens.

Prevents lenses from fogging up outdoors or in warm, humid conditions.

Blue Light Blocking
Filters out harmful blue light from digital devices. Reduces digital eye strain.

UV400 Protection
Blocks 100% of UVA/UVB rays.

Worry-Free Vision Anywhere

Whether working, playing or living life – enjoy clear vision without limitations in these progressive multifocal reading glasses:

Working on Computer
Conquer email, projects and streaming without squinting or eye fatigue thanks to the medium magnification viewing zone.

Using Phone and Tablet
Text, watch movies and browse social media comfortably with sharp mid-range vision.

Immerse yourself in books, newspapers and magazines with full magnification up close.

Cooking and Meal Prep
See recipes and ingredients clearly in the kitchen.

Drive safely with focused distance vision.

Check prices, read labels and see clearly anywhere in the store.

Walking or Exercising Outdoors
Enjoy your surroundings without visual interruptions.

Watching TV
No more squinting or sitting right up close.

Hobbies Up Close
Crafts, models, painting and any detailed handiwork.

Playing Sports and Games
Keep your eye on the ball during your favorite activities.

Anywhere near or far, Jo’s progressive readers have you covered with sharp comfortable vision. The lightweight frames and protective lenses also make them ideal for outdoor use.

For Men and Women

Flattering and functional for all, Jo’s multifocal reading glasses boast versatile styling:

Unisex Design
Suits both men and women.

Classic Rectangular Shape
Complements oval, round and square faces.

Range of Frame Colors
Available in black, brown, gray, clear and tortoiseshell to suit personal style.

Minimalist Styling
Flat metal accent bridges for a modern touch. No rims or borders around lenses.

Easy Care and Comfort

Jo’s readers are conveniently low maintenance:

Spring Hinges
Arms flex and bounce back to original shape. Adding durability and comfort.

Adjustable Nose Pads
Pads prevent slippage and customize fit.

Lightweight Construction
Flexible slim TR90 frames for comfortable long term wear.

Scratch Resistant
Coated lenses prevent superficial scratches from daily use.

Enjoy fog-free vision, even during temperature changes and humidity.

Simply wipe lenses clean with the included microfiber pouch. TR90 frames can also be bent back into shape if accidentally sat on or stepped on.

All You Need is One Pair

Free up space in your bag, car and nightstand with Jo’s 3-in-1 progressive reading glasses. No more rummaging for separate pairs of computer eyewear, distance glasses and reading spectacles.

Keep just one set handy for tackling close-up reading, mid-range computer work, and even driving and walking around. See everything in focus, whether up close or far away.

With durable frames and protective lenses, you can take them everywhere without worry. Enjoy clearer, more comfortable vision all day with this multipurpose powerhouse.

Experience uncompromised vision no matter how you spend your day. Order Jo’s Progressive Multifocus Reading Glasses now for sharp, strain-free sight near and far.


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