JOVAKIT Polygon Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Vintage Style Meets Modern Eye Protection


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Love the vintage look but spend hours straining your eyes in front of screens? JOVAKIT’s Polygon Blue Light Blocking Glasses are here to save your eyes without sacrificing style.

These ultra-light frames blend geometric flair with advanced lens technology to defend your vision. Read on to see how JOVAKIT keeps you looking hip and seeing clearly in the digital world.

Octagonal Frames That Weigh Next to Nothing

Inspired by bold ’80s and ’90s eyewear, the matte black octagonal frames make a retro-futuristic statement. The sleek stainless steel construction provides durability at only 21g. You’ll barely feel them on your face.

Rubber nose pads prevent slippage while keeping the fit comfortable. The grippy temple tips do the same by the ears. No matter your activites, the JOVAKIT blue light glasses stay firmly and comfortably in place.

Lenses That Filter Harmful Rays

While the frames capture attention, the magic lies within the lenses. Using advanced filtering technology, JOVAKIT lenses block 100% of harmful blue light from screens and devices. This prevents eye strain, headaches, blurry vision and disrupted sleep patterns.

By only filtering the bad blue light, the lenses don’t alter colors or distort your view. It’s crystal clear eye protection you can wear all day, whether gaming, working, reading or streaming.

Flattering Shape for All

Anyone can pull off the iconic polygon shape. At 50mm wide, the lenses allow for full eye coverage without looking oversized. The arms hit at an optimal 134mm in length to avoid pinching or chafing.

The glasses complement round, oval, square and heart faces alike. Their versatility also makes them suitable for both men and women. Match them seamlessly with casual everyday wear or make them part of your going out look.

However you style them, the JOVAKIT blue light glasses shield your eyes while keeping you on trend.

Package Extras for Full Enjoyment

To help you use the glasses comfortably and safely, JOVAKIT includes:

– Microfiber Pouch – Protects them against scratches
– Microfiber Cloth – Cleans smudges and fingerprints
– Mini Screwdriver – Tightens loose screws
– Exquisite Box – Stylish open and close storage

We want your blue light glasses to last. Our accessories ensure proper care and handling so you get the most out of your eye protection.

Elevate Your Eyewear, Defend Your Vision

Don’t settle for flimsy disposable screen protectors or apps that tint your screens orange. JOVAKIT’s Polygon Blue Light Blocking Glasses offer complete eye defense with head-turning vintage style.

Give your eyes what they deserve. Filter harmful blue light without compromising aesthetics. After all, eye health and looking stylish shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

Add these glasses to your collection today. Your vision will thank you.


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