K KENZHOU 5 Pack Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses – Protect Your Eyes and Improve Sleep


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Tired, strained eyes? Blurred vision? Trouble sleeping? It might be time for blue light blocking glasses.

K KENZHOU’s 5 pack of reading glasses filters out harmful blue light from digital screens to relieve eye strain and fatigue. Their lightweight, stylish frames come in a variety of colors to match any mood or outfit. Plus, each pair includes a glasses case, cleaning cloth, and storage bag – perfect for swapping out looks on the go.

Cut Through Blue Light for Healthier Eyes

Too much exposure to blue light from phones, tablets, and computers can lead to digital eye strain. Symptoms include headaches, dry eyes, blurred vision, and trouble sleeping. K KENZHOU’s reading glasses use multi-layer HD lenses to filter out 90% of this high-energy visible light to protect your eyes.

The lenses also have a UV400 coating that blocks 100% of UVA and UVB rays up to 400nm. This protects your eyes from sun damage and helps reduce risk of cataracts or macular degeneration over time.

Relieve Tired Eyes and Improve Sleep

Wearing blue light blocking glasses is an easy way to give your eyes a break after long hours staring at a screen. K KENZHOU’s readers can help relieve eye fatigue, strain, and headaches to make work or play more comfortable.

Blocking blue light in the evenings also helps increase your body’s natural melatonin production. This hormone regulates sleep cycles, so wearing blue light blocking glasses before bedtime can mean falling asleep faster and getting higher quality rest. Wake up feeling refreshed!

Stylish and Comfortable Frames

K KENZHOU’s blue light blocking readers feature lightweight frames without pressure points for comfortable all-day wear. The flexible spring hinges gently conform to your face for a custom fit.

The frames come in a variety of colors like black, blue, purple, pink, and red. Their classic square silhouette flatters all face shapes. Wear them to the office, out with friends, or paired with loungewear – these glasses seamlessly fit any style or occasion.

5 Pairs for Every Mood and Outfit

With 5 pairs of blue light blocking reading glasses, you’ll always have the perfect pair within reach. There are:

– 2 pairs of Black – A must-have neutral that works for both dressy and casual looks
– 1 pair of Red – Make a bold statement with this fiery hue
– 1 pair of Purple – Sophisticated and elegant for a night out
– 1 pair Pink – Cute and feminine for weekend wear

Swap out colors to match your mood or outfit any day of the week. Each pair comes with its own glasses case, cleaning cloth, and storage bag so they’re protected in your purse, desk, nightstand, or luggage.

Shop Worry-Free

K KENZHOU stands behind their blue light blocking reading glasses with a 90 day money back guarantee. That’s three months to try them out risk-free!

Give your eyes a break and look stylish at the same time. Order the K KENZHOU 5 Pack of Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses today. Your eyes will thank you.


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