KDDOU Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses 2 Pack – Protect Your Child’s Eyes from Harmful Rays


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In the digital era, kids are spending more time than ever on electronic devices for school, fun, and everything in between. This excessive blue light exposure can lead to a host of eye health issues if their developing vision isn’t protected. Give your child the gift of clear, relaxed eyes with KDDOU Blue Light Blocking Glasses. Designed just for kids ages 3-12, these glasses filter out over 99% of harmful blue light and UV rays from screens. Available in cute colors and styles, they’ll want to wear them all the time!

Reduce Eye Strain, Headaches, Blurriness, and Fatigue

Prolonged use of phones, tablets, computers, TVs, and other electronics bombards eyes with blue light wavelengths that can cause digital eye strain. Symptoms like sore eyes, headaches, blurred vision, and trouble focusing are common. KDDOU kids blue light glasses have a specialized filtering lens that blocks these harmful rays to relieve eye fatigue and pain. No more squinting and rubbing eyes! Kids will have an easier time seeing and concentrating.

Lets Healthy Light Through for Natural Vision

While reducing blue light, these glasses allow beneficial lights through. This protects natural sleep cycles and circadian rhythms which are disrupted by blue light exposure at night. Kids will sleep better and feel more energized and alert during the day without exhaustive digital eyestrain. Their eyes will adjust better indoors and outdoors.

Multiple Cute Styles for Girls and Boys

These blue light blocking glasses come in pink, purple, and blue colors with decorative patterns kids will love. The rounded shape accommodates smaller faces comfortably without slipping. Now protecting their vision can be fun and stylish! Kids may even forget they are wearing them. Plus, there are options for both girls and boys so siblings can match.

Lightweight, Durable, and Kid-Friendly

The flexible TPEE plastic frames are specially sized for children and weigh just 0.35 ounces. They are built to withstand drops, bends, and being thrown into backpacks without breaking. Your kids can play and be rough while wearing these sturdy blue light glasses. The adjustable arms provide a customized fit as they grow. Forget flimsy drugstore readers!

Includes Blue Light Testing Kit

A fun blue light tester card and tester are included to teach kids how their new glasses work. They can see the difference when blue light is blocked, making them excited to wear their eye protection. This sets healthy vision habits early to preserve their eyesight long-term. Parent tips are also included to help implement usage.

Reduce Screen Time Eye Strain Today!

Don’t wait until your child has permanent damage and vision issues to take action against blue light. Let them see technology clearly without ocular discomfort! With two pairs in each set, you can have glasses handy at home and on the go.

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