Keep Glasses in Place with 30 Pairs Replacement Silicone Nose Pads


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Do your eyeglasses constantly slip down your nose? Are the nose pads uncomfortable or broken? Ditch the frustration with this 30 pack of replacement silicone nose pads for glasses and sunglasses. The soft transparent cushions grip securely to keep frames from sliding while providing plush padding against your nose bridge. Easy to apply to metal or plastic frames for a custom fit.

No More Slipping Glasses

These clear silicone nose pads create anti-slip friction to prevent glasses from slowly migrating down your nose. The subtle grip helps eyewear stay firmly in place without uncomfortable squeezing or leaving marks. Go about your daily activities without constantly having to push your glasses back up.

Comfortable Cushion Design

The contoured shape and smooth silicone material prevent soreness or pressure points on your nose bridge. Built-in air pockets flex gently against the nose for a barely-there feel. Forget about painful irritation from ill-fitting nose pads. Adjustable non-slip pads make any eyeglasses more comfortable to wear.

Universal Fit for All Frame Styles

Despite the sleek low profile, these transparent nose cushions are compatible with nearly all eyeglass frames including metal, plastic, rimless, and more. Men, women, teens and kids can all enjoy comfy, properly positioned glasses. Different nose bridge sizes are easily accommodated.

Quick and Easy Application

Just peel off the original nose pads from your eyeglasses and press on these silicone replacements – no tools or gluing necessary. The sticky gel backing keeps them securely adhered onto the frame arms once applied. Takes only seconds to transform rough-edged or loose glasses into a perfectly cushioned pair.

Crystal Clear Optical Grade Silicone

The high clarity transparent silicone allows maximum light transmission for crisp undistorted vision. Suitable for both regular eyeglasses and sunglasses. Unlike rubber, silicone does not degrade over time and retains pliability. Skin-friendly and reusable if frames are changed.

Protect Nose Bridge from Skin Irritation

Prolonged pressure from ill-fitting nose pads can lead to soreness, redness, calluses, blisters and scarring on the nose bridge. Avoid unnecessary skin irritation by replacing standard pads with these soft silicone cushions. Ideal for those with sensitive skin or plastic surgery.

Extra Cushioning for Heavy Eyeglasses

Thicker frames and heavier lenses (like bifocals or high index) exert more downwards force on nose pads, increasing slippage. The .07 inch thickness and grippy nature of these silicone pads provides ample support to counteract heavy eyewear wanting to slide down constantly.

Multiple Pairs for Various Applications

Get 30 pairs of nose pads per order for plenty of spares and options. Mix and match clear pads onto multiple pairs of glasses or sunglasses for personalized styling. Always have replacements on hand for lost or damaged nose cushions. Share extras with friends and family.

Reliable Quality from A-JES

Made from odor-free, non-toxic premium silicone, these nose pads are proudly produced by A-JES, a respected manufacturer of eyewear accessories and components for over a decade. Backed by outstanding customer service and satisfaction guarantee.

Restore Comfort to Worn Eyeglasses

Over time, regular wear can cause plastic nose pads to crack, warp, and lose their cushioning ability. Avoid having to purchase new costly prescription glasses by simply replacing the nose pads with these universal silicone cushions. Refresh the fit and comfort of old frames instantly.

Give your glasses and sunglasses a grippy friction boost and plush new cushioning with these transparent silicone nose pads. Ditch the nagging problem of slippage and discomfort for good. The pack of 30 pairs conveniently keeps you stocked for all eyewear needs. Enjoy comfortably positioned glasses that stay put with cool, subtle style.


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