Keep Reading Glasses and Sunglasses Close – Magnetic Eyeglass Holders for Shirt


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Tired of constantly searching for your reading or sunglasses? Keep them secure and in reach with the innovative Magnetic Eyeglass Holders for Shirts. The powerful magnets ensure your eyewear stays put when you’re on the move, while the horizontal design keeps glasses steady even when bending over. A must-have accessory for anyone who needs their glasses within arm’s reach!

Horizontal Design Prevents Glasses From Falling

Traditional eyeglass holders use a vertical, drop-down method that allows glasses to easily slip out when bending down. But the horizontal magnetic design of this eyeglass holder keeps your glasses clipped securely in place no matter what position you’re in. The compact rectangular magnets clamp firmly onto either arm of your eyewear so they won’t budge until you need them.

Strong Magnets Keep Glasses in Place During Activity

Embedded within the eyeglass holder are two ultra-powerful neodymium magnets that keep a firm grip on metal eyeglass frames. The strong magnetic hold ensures no slipping, sliding, or jiggling during everyday tasks and activities. Once clipped, you can comfortably jog, garden, cook, clean, and work without your glasses falling.

Access Glasses Instantly for Reading or Sun Protection

Gone are the days of fumbling to grab your glasses when you need them. With the glasses holder clipped to your shirt, your eyewear is right where you want it – close and handy for the moment you need to read a menu or shield your eyes from the sun. Just grab and flip open the arms when it’s time for glasses on!

Compact and Discreet Design

Measuring just 2.4 x 1.2 inches, the eyeglass holder has a low profile that doesn’t weigh down shirts or get in the way. The slim rectangular shape and neutral black color blend discreetly onto clothing. It also doesn’t tug or stretch delicate fabric like bulky cases and straps can.

Key Features:

  • Powerful neodymium magnets keep glasses securely in place
  • Horizontal smart design prevents glasses from slipping out
  • Instant easy access to eyewear for reading or sun protection
  • Low profile and lightweight discreet design
  • Suits any metal eyeglass frames
  • Great for active lifestyles – running, golf, gardening, etc.

For Glasses Wearers Who Want Their Eyewear Close By

If you need your glasses ready at a moment’s notice, the Magnetic Eyeglass Holders for Shirts are a wearable solution. The convenient chest-mounted design ensures instant access whether you’re:

  • A reader who needs to switch between near and far vision frequently
  • A sunglasses wearer who moves between indoor and outdoor settings
  • An active person who requires their eyewear during sports, chores, hobbies, etc.
  • A multi-tasker who needs their glasses to conveniently switch tasks

Stop wasting time rummaging for eyewear. Keep glasses secure yet accessible with these magnetic holders!

The Perfect Companion for Versatile Lifestyles

Compatible with most metal eyeglass frames, these handy holders are ideal for:

  • Work – Keep reading glasses accessible at the office
  • Sports – Secure sunglasses for golf, running, cycling, and more
  • Travel – Effortlessly swap readers and sunglasses on the go
  • Home – Keep multiple glasses nearby for indoor and outdoor tasks
  • Hobbies – Quick access to specialty glasses for crafts, music, and DIY projects

thoughtful gift for the glasses wearer in your life

Know someone who’s always searching for misplaced eyewear? The Magnetic Eyeglass Holders make a practical gift for any glasses wearing:

  • Mom
  • Dad
  • Grandparents
  • Friends
  • Coworkers

Comes packaged in a gift box with two holders, so you can share the convenience!

Empower glasses wearers to focus on life’s joys instead of where their eyewear went. Order the Magnetic Eyeglass Holders today!


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