KONHAGO Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses – Stylish Eye Protection for Men


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Tired of squinting to read fine print? Do your eyes feel strained after hours in front of digital screens? Introducing the KONHAGO Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses – the stylish way to protect your eyes while reading or working.

Block Harmful Blue Light and UV Rays

These reading glasses feature lenses treated with a special blue light filtering coating that reduces eye fatigue and strain. By filtering out high-energy visible blue light wavelengths emitted from digital screens and fluorescent lighting, the lenses protect eyes from discomfort and disrupted sleep patterns linked to blue light exposure. The lenses also block 100% of UVA/UVB radiation.

Sleek, Lightweight Half Frame Design

The slim half frame design is both durable and extremely lightweight, so you’ll barely notice them on your face. Constructed from nickel-free metal with flexible spring hinges, the arms adjust to comfortably fit a variety of head shapes and sizes. The open frame style leaves your peripheral vision unobstructed.

Look Sharp in the Semi-Rimless Frames

ching profeWhether you need them for reading or computer use, these glasses make a bold, sophisticated fashion statement. The metal frame has sleek, semi-rimless styling that makes the multi-layer lens look like it’s floating. Just the right amount of glittery sparkle on the temples makes these glasses shine. Keep your eyes relaxed and look sharp at the same time!

Customizable Strengths for Each Eye

No more squinting to read fine print or see close-up details! Each set comes with five pairs of interchangeable lenses ranging from 1.0 to 3.0 magnifying strength, so you can mix and match to create the perfect custom vision correction for each eye. The lenses snap securely into place and can be popped in and out easily when you need to change strengths.

Keep a Pair Handy Wherever You Are

Since the five pairs come together in one sleek case, you’ll always have a pair within reach no matter where you are. Stash them in your home office, kitchen, bedroom, garage and car so you can enjoy crisp, clear vision while reading recipes, bills, menus, instructions and more. With the glasses always by your side, you’ll avoid eye strain and headaches from squinting.

Enjoy Worry-Free Shopping

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Our friendly customer service team is here for you anytime you have questions or concerns. Take advantage of our 1-year money back guarantee and lifetime breakage warranty. If anything ever breaks, we’ll repair or replace your glasses free!

With UV and blue light protection, custom magnification strengths, and a lightweight comfortable design, the KONHAGO Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses are the solution for maximizing eye comfort in today’s digital world. Whether you spend hours reading, working on screens, under fluorescent lighting, or just want to see the menu in dim restaurants, these stylish readers will be your new go-to accessory. Order a set today and give your eyes the care they deserve!


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