LianSan Adjustable Bifocal Reading Glasses – See Clearly Both Near and Far


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Do you find yourself squinting to read text messages or see the TV? Do you struggle to make out street signs or read menus in dim lighting? As we age, our eyesight changes and many people develop presbyopia – difficulty focusing on close objects. Don’t let poor vision slow you down! LianSan’s innovative bifocal reading glasses allow you to see both near and far with ease.

Bifocal Design Provides Versatile Vision Correction

These glasses feature bifocal lenses designed to address multiple vision needs. The upper portion has zero magnification for clear distance vision while the lower section magnifies text and objects up close. There is a barely visible reading line that separates the two viewing zones. The seamless transition between zones allows you to look down to read a book then glance back up effortlessly. No more constantly adjusting your glasses when switching focus!

Customize Strength for Your Vision Needs

LianSan bifocals are available in a wide range of diopter powers to match your visual requirements. Simply select the lower lens strength ideal for reading or computer work. The upper lens has half that prescription for seeing farther. Check our size chart to identify the right lenses for you. Or visit your optometrist for an updated prescription.

Interchangeable Lenses for Versatility

These glasses ship with two sets of high-quality removable lenses so you can optimize them for different situations. The clear lenses have an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare when using digital devices. The sunglasses lenses provide UV400 protection from harmful rays. Swapping lenses is quick and easy – just follow the instructions. Enjoy superior vision indoor and outdoor, day and night!

TR90 Memory Plastic Frame

The frame is constructed from TR90 memory plastic which retains its shape even after twisting and bending. The material is ultra lightweight and comfortable. Flexible open-hinge earpieces allow you to gently stretch the glasses wider to find a personalized fit. Silicone nose pads prevent slipping. This durable frame can withstand everyday use.

Blue Light Blocking Option

Prolonged exposure to blue light from digital screens can lead to digital eye strain, headaches, and sleep disruption. Choose our specialized computer lenses to filter out 97% of this high-energy visible light while eliminating glare. The amber tint provides optimized color clarity.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Your vision and comfort are our top priority. We back these bifocal reading glasses with a money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely happy, return them for a full refund or exchange.

A Multi-Purpose Vision Aid

LianSan adjustable bifocals are designed to be your go-to eyeglasses:

  • Read books, newspapers, magazines with ease
  • View your phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop screens comfortably
  • Enjoy TV, movies, and theater performances clearly
  • See menus, price tags, and ingredients up close
  • Scan road signs, GPS, dashboards quickly
  • Reduce squinting, eye fatigue, and headaches

One Pair, Endless Possibilities

Make these versatile bifocal reading glasses your new favorite daily accessories. Keep a set handy in your purse, car, office, nightstand, or kitchen drawer. Whip them out anytime you need to see near or far. Ditch the readers that only let you read and distance glasses that are useless up close. Experience effortless vision and freedom to live your best life!


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