LifeArt Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Reduce Digital Eye Strain and Sleep Better


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Staring at screens all day can take a toll on your eyes. LifeArt’s innovative blue light blocking glasses filter out harmful blue light emitted from digital devices, providing relief from eyestrain, headaches, and poor sleep.

Featuring a 7-layer anti-reflective lens coating, these glasses reflect and filter 90% of high-energy blue light while allowing healthy light transmission. This means you get crystal clear vision without bothersome glare or color distortion. The durable, scratch-resistant lenses are ultra-thin at just 10 microns thick.

Choose from magnification options ranging from +0.25 to +6.0 to reduce eye fatigue when reading or viewing objects up close. The lightweight, classic round frames come in a universal size for a comfortable, custom fit.

Give your eyes a break from prolonged computer use and enjoy better sleep with LifeArt’s blue light blocking glasses. The difference is clear. With our lifetime warranty, you can rest assured you’re getting effective eye protection that lasts. Safeguard your vision and circadian rhythm today!


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