LKEYE Progressive Multifocus Reading Glasses for Men – No Line Computer Eyeglasses with Blue Light Blocking


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Tired of switching between multiple pairs of readers? Get clear vision at any distance with the LKEYE Progressive Multifocus Reading Glasses for Men. Featuring no-line bifocal lenses, these glasses allow smooth transitioning from up close to far away. The blue light blocking lenses filter out eye-damaging rays from screens. The lightweight metal frames and silicone nose pads provide durable comfort.

No Lines, No Limits – See Clearly Near and Far

Unlike traditional bifocals, these progressive multifocal glasses have no visible line bisecting the lenses. Their graduated design offers seamless transitioning from reading vision to intermediate and distance sight. The lenses accommodate the full range of your vision needs – working on the computer, reading a book, seeing the TV across the room, and viewing faraway objects. No more constantly swapping multiple pairs of glasses.

Block Harmful Blue Light from Digital Devices

In today’s world, we spend lots of time staring at phones, tablets, and computers. But the blue light emitted from these digital screens can cause eyestrain, headaches, blurry vision, and trouble sleeping. The lenses in the LKEYE glasses are treated with a special coating that filters out over 90% of high-energy blue light for all-day viewing comfort.

Stylish Full Frame Design

The retro-inspired, extra wide rectangular frames create a stylish scholarly look. The design is masculine yet refined. The lightweight metal construction and flexible spring hinges provide a customized fit for all-day comfort. Choose between classic black or brown frame colors.

Silicone Nose Pads Prevent Slipping

The soft silicone nose pads prevent the glasses from slipping down your nose, staying firmly in place for maximum visual clarity. The skin-friendly pads adapt to the contours of your nose without pinching or leaving marks. This allows comfortable wear even for extended periods.

Convenient Set of 2 Pairs

The set includes 2 pairs of LKEYE progressive reading glasses, so you can keep backups handy around the house and office. Each pair comes with a glasses cord, cleaning cloth, and protective case – everything you need for care and convenience.

Prescription-Ready Lenses

The lenses have a 3.0 diopter add power, ideal for tackling close-up tasks like reading mail and newspapers, working on crafts, viewing your phone, and other near-point activities. The lenses accommodate single vision prescriptions if you need them. Visit your optometrist to get your custom prescription measured and fitted.

Thoughtful Gift for Him

Surprise the important man in your life with the gift of clear, headache-free vision. The LKEYE progressive reading glasses make practical presents for birthdays, holidays, Father’s Day, anniversaries, retirement, or any special occasion. The stylish design means he can wear them comfortably anywhere.

Buy Without Hesitation

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. We stand behind the quality of our progressive multifocal reading glasses. If you are not completely happy, contact us to get a replacement set or full refund. We want you to enjoy sharp, comfortable vision without limits.

Give your eyes a break and sharp vision at any range with the LKEYE Progressive Reading Glasses for Men! Order your set today.


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