Look Stylish While Seeing Clearly With These Photochromic Cat Eye Bifocal Reading Glasses


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Tired of having to switch between your regular glasses, reading glasses, and sunglasses? These amazing 2023 Transition Photochromic Cat Eye Bifocal Reading Glasses are the 3-in-1 solution you’ve been waiting for! The innovatively designed bifocal lenses allow you to see both near and far, while the photochromic technology automatically adjusts to changing light conditions. Say goodbye to carrying multiple pairs of eyewear and enjoy the convenience and style of these cat eye sun readers.

See Near and Far Clearly With Bifocal Reading Lenses

The bifocal lenses have upper and lower sections to tackle your vision needs. The top clear portion lets you see distance clearly, so you can drive, watch TV, and gaze at beautiful scenery. The lower magnified section helps you read books, menus, your phone screen, and anything up close with ease. No more straining your eyes or holding objects far away to focus.

These glasses come with a power range of +1.00 to +3.00, so you can choose the strength you need for your close-up vision. Just select your usual reading prescription and you’re good to go. The smooth transition between zones also allows for comfortable all-day wear.

Innovative Photochromic Lenses Automatically Adjust Tint

The magic is in the photochromic lenses, which darken when exposed to UV light. Indoors, the lenses remain clear so you can safely navigate inside. Outdoors, they quickly transform into sunglasses when UV rays are detected. The tint blocks glare and harmful radiation, protecting your eyes while improving comfort in sunny conditions.

Unlike regular sunglasses, you don’t have to take these glasses off once you go inside. The lenses turn clear again when indoors, making them easy to wear all day long. It’s incredibly convenient to have glasses automatically adjust to ambient light. Keep your eyes relaxed and strain-free no matter where the day takes you.

Premium Lens Technology Filters Harmful UV Rays

These photochromic cat eye readers have top-quality lenses to safeguard your eyes. They provide 100% UV400 protection, filtering out UVA and UVB rays that can damage eyes and cause conditions like cataracts. The lenses meet ANSI UV requirements to give your peepers a science-backed defense against sun damage.

The lenses are also scratch-resistant and coated in a special anti-reflective material. This keeps them free from scratches and smudges so you have a crystal clear view. Without glare bouncing off the surface, your eyes feel relaxed and rejuvenated all day long.

Sleek and Stylish Cat Eye Sunglass Design

Of course we can’t forget these glasses also make a fashion statement! The cat eye shape is universally flattering and suits any face beautifully. It adds a touch of retro yet modern glam to your look. The chic design features slim metal temples and smooth plastic cat eye frames.

Subtle yet striking rhinestones on the temples add some extra sparkle. Coupled with the smoky tint, you’ll look quite glamorous when the lenses activate outdoors! Choose from 4 classic and on-trend color options: Black, Brown, Light Pink, and Purple. Each hue coordinates flawlessly with outfits. The glasses come in a matching glasses case to keep them protected when not in use.

One Pair Does It All – Glasses, Readers & Sunglasses

Imagine the convenience of having all your eyewear needs met with just one pair of glasses! These multifunctional lenses let you:

  • See clearly at all distances – near and far
  • Read comfortably without eye strain
  • Enjoy outdoor activities without glare and squinting
  • Protect eyes from UV rays that can cause long-term damage
  • Easily transition between indoor and outdoor use
  • Look stylish whether at home, work, or play

With just one pair of glasses taking care of all your needs, you’ll feel carefree and confident throughout the day. No more juggling multiple pairs to suit the task and situation. Experience simplicity at its finest with these adaptive cat eye bifocal sunglasses!

Easy On The Eyes All Day Long

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to compromise your eye health or style. You deserve to see clearly AND look fashionable at any age. That’s why we made these ergonomic and flattering reading glasses just for you. The lightweight CATEYE frame stays comfortable on your face even after hours of wear.

The smoothly magnified lower reading lenses prevent neck and eye strain as you read or do close work. When you go outside, the reactive photochromic lenses automatically darken to a mirrored tint to filter sunlight instead of squinting. Everything about these glasses is designed for all-day ease, visual clarity, and a confident appearance.

We’ve Got You Covered With Our Warranty

Your satisfaction and eye health are our top concerns. We back our photochromic cat eye bifocal sunglasses readers with a 30 day money back guarantee and 12 month manufacturer’s warranty. Please inspect your glasses upon arrival and try them for the 30 day period.

If you aren’t completely happy with the vision accuracy, lens performance, or design for ANY reason, simply return them for a full refund or exchange. No questions asked! We’ll also replace your glasses free of charge if they ever get damaged in the first 12 months. Shop with confidence knowing your eyes are taken care of.

Don’t struggle with sore eyes and lack of vision clarity any longer. Get these adaptive cat eye bifocal sunglass readers for the simplest, most stylish vision solution. Just select your magnification strength and color to solve all your eyewear problems in one go!


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