LUR Reading Glasses for Women – 5 Pack of Stylish Readers in Vibrant Colors


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Tired of frumpy drugstore reading glasses? Upgrade your eyewear with the LUR 5 pack of fashionable readers. With a pair in each of 5 fun colors, you’ll always have readers close at hand to flatter your style while magnifying text.

The classic wayfarer silhouette flatters all face shapes. Modern colorful frames add a punch of personality to transform an everyday necessity into a fashion accessory.

Key Features:

  • Set includes 5 pairs of readers with +1.00 to +3.50 power range
  • Classic wayfarer reader frames in 5 vibrant color choices
  • Lightweight TR90 memory plastic construction
  • Scratch-resistant lenses provide clear magnification
  • Spring hinges gently flex to fit your face
  • Unisex design suits both men and women

Tired of digging around for your readers? With 5 pairs, you can keep readers handy in every room. Place a pair on your nightstand, office desk, kitchen counter, living room – anywhere you need clear, comfortable vision!

The sleek wayfarer silhouette flatters every face with its rounded lens shape and slender arms. Both men and women appreciate this versatile unisex design. Five on-trend color choices let you coordinate with your mood or outfit.

Flattering Tortoiseshell pairs beautifully with natural tones. Sophisticated Leopard injects flair into professional looks. Playful Pink, Mint and Lavender shades bring youthful energy. With a mini reader case included, you can take these stylish readers anywhere.

Despite their delicate appearance, these flexible readers are surprisingly durable. Constructed from sturdy TR90 memory plastic, the frames flex to sit comfortably without creasing over time. Spring hinges gently conform to your facial contours while retaining their shape.

Magnification ranges from +1.00 up to +3.50 power so you can select the right strength for menu reading, computer work and hobbies. Scratch-resistant lenses maintain optical clarity while protecting your eyes from glare and UV.

Do you find yourself squinting, tilting your head or moving text closer? These are signs of presbyopia, an age-related loss of near vision focus that affects most adults over 40. Reading glasses provide the magnification you need to see small print clearly again.

But drugstore readers leave much to be desired in the style department. Upgrade your eyewear wardrobe with the LUR 5 pack. Keep readers stashed anywhere you need them, so you always read, craft and cook in comfort and style.

Say goodbye to strained eyes and boring specs. Slip on a fashionable pair of LUR readers to enjoy sharper vision while expressing your personal flair. Durable construction ensures these readers provide years of distortion-free magnification to make everyday tasks easier on your eyes.

Shopping for someone else? This 5 pack makes a thoughtful gift for any woman in your life who needs readers. Presented in an attractive case, it’s the perfect birthday, holiday or Mother’s Day gift. Choose from strength options to suit their vision needs.

LUR reading glasses provide the clarity you need to enjoy your favorite activities comfortably. See clearly in style with the convenience of 5 magnifier pairs at your fingertips. Order the LUR 5 pack today to upgrade your reading eyewear!


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