m1&m2 Blue Light Blocking Progressive Reading Glasses – Stylish Multifocal Readers for Women and Men


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Tired of switching between multiple pairs of glasses to see clearly at varying distances? Ready to protect your eyes from digital strain? Look no further than the m1&m2 Progressive Reading Glasses 2-pack. These innovative multi-focal readers provide three levels of magnification in one seamless lens, letting you effortlessly view objects both near and far. The semi-rimless frame is equal parts durable and lightweight, made from flexible titanium alloy with spring hinges to fit comfortably all day long. Not only are these progressive lenses highly functional, the half frame design is also fashionable and stylish for both women and men.

Progressive Lenses for Continuous Vision

The m1&m2 Reading Glasses feature Varilux-style progressive lenses, the same technology used in high-end prescription eyeglasses. The graduated lenses have three zones:

Top zone – A clear “distance” portion at the top allows you to see objects farther away, like street signs, faces, and TV screens. Magnification here is 0.5x for just a slight boost.

Middle zone – The intermediate section in the center is ideal for computer work, cooking, shopping, and other tasks 1-2 feet away. Magnification gradually increases to 1.5x.

Bottom zone – The lower reading area provides the full power of 2.5x magnification for reading books and newspapers or examining details up close.

The smooth progression of the lenses lets you seamlessly look from top to bottom without the disruptive head tilting that bifocals require. With just one pair of m1&m2 glasses, you have the perfect visual aid for all activities near and far.

Blue Light Protection for Digital Devices

In today’s world, we spend a substantial amount of time staring at digital screens on computers, phones, and tablets. Prolonged blue light exposure from these electronic devices can lead to digital eye strain, headaches, blurry vision, and sleep disruption.

The m1&m2 Reading Glasses have lenses that filter out 90% of hazardous blue light and 100% of harmful UV rays. This protects your eyes from eye fatigue and damage while using digital devices, allowing you to work and play for longer periods comfortably. The lenses also have an anti-reflective coating to reduce glare.

You’ll look sharp while safeguarding your eyesight.

Stylish Semi-Rimless Frame Design

The m1&m2 Glasses feature a semi-rimless frame made from lightweight yet durable titanium alloy. The half frame design provides an open, airy look that flatters a wide variety of face shapes.

The adjustable spring hinges allow the arms to flex for a custom contoured fit. Padded rubber nose pads prevent slippage throughout the day. Choose between classic black or gunmetal gray frames with blue light reflective lenses to complement any outfit. The fashionable frame coupled with the highly functional progressive lenses make these glasses a versatile accessory you’ll want to wear morning to night.

Your New Go-To Eyewear

Tackle your to-do list with ease while protecting your vision when you add the m1&m2 Progressive Reading Glasses to your routine. Walk the dog, dash through emails, read in bed, and search recipes with continuous clear sight thanks to the 3-in-1 multi-focal lenses. The blue light filtering lenses let you enjoy your devices without discomfort.

The 2-pack comes with a glasses cloth and repair tool for care on the go. Keep one pair handy at the office and one at home to have your stylish multi-vision readers wherever you need them.

With premium progressive lenses, durable frame, and blue light protection, the m1&m2 Glasses are designed to become your new favorite pair. Make device use, near tasks, and distance viewing easier than ever.

Product Details:

– Progressive multifocal lenses with 3 zones: distance – intermediate – near

– Magnifications: 0.5x distance | 1.5x intermediate | 2.5x reading

– Blue light blocking lenses filter 90% of blue light from devices

– Semi-rimless titanium alloy frame with spring hinges

– Padded rubber nose pads for comfort

– Glasses cloth and repair tool included

– 2 pairs of glasses in each order

Give your eyes a break and upgrade your eyewear with the m1&m2 Progressive Reading Glasses today!


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