MAGIC ROSE Kids Blue Light Filter Glasses for Eye Protection


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Is your child showing signs of digital eye strain? Do they complain of tired, dry eyes or headaches after using devices? Protect their precious peepers with MAGIC ROSE blue light filtering glasses! Engineered just for kids ages 3-15, these transparent glasses reduce exposure to harmful blue light emitted from screens.

Filters Hazardous Blue Light Rays

Today’s kids spend many hours glued to digital screens. Tablets, phones, computers, TVs – these electronics give off blue light that can accumulate and cause eyestrain and fatigue over time. MAGIC ROSE kids computer glasses have a subtle tint that filters out the portion of blue light most likely to cause problems. This helps soften glare and eases eye discomfort.

Reduces Eye Fatigue from Extended Screen Time

By blocking excessive blue light, these TV and gaming glasses help prevent tired, irritated eyes that kids often experience after prolonged device use. Your child will have an easier time focusing and less visual distraction when looking at a screen through our transparent lenses. Say goodbye to squinting, headaches and dry eyes!

Lightweight Flexible Frames for Comfort

Designed specifically for kids’ smaller faces, these frames are ultralight and flexible for hours of comfortable wear. The TR90 memory plastic material is nearly unbreakable yet weighs next to nothing. The flexible hinges and adjustable silicone nose pads ensure a customized fit. Available in a rainbow of fun colors!

Shatterproof Lenses Protect Eyes

Don’t let a flying ball or bouncing toy harm your child’s vision. MAGIC ROSE computer glasses have durable polycarbonate lenses that are shatterproof and impact resistant. Plus, they offer 99-100% UV protection to filter out harmful solar rays. Give your kids’ peepers superior safety and protection.

Hands-Free Design for Active Kids

No more pushed-up sliding glasses! These boys and girls blue light glasses stay put thanks to the clever wraparound design that eliminates slippage. The straight temples keep lenses centered without hooking behind ears. Kids can play, run, explore and use devices without adjustment breaks.

Reduces Exposure to Damaging UV Rays

Not only do these computer glasses filter high-energy blue light, they block 99-100% of UVA/UVB radiation from the sun and screens. This protects eyes from damage that can occur from prolonged UV exposure. Healthy vision development starts young!

Helps Regulate Sleep Hormones

Blue light after dark can disrupt melatonin production and circadian rhythms. Our blue light blocking glasses prevent over-stimulation that makes it harder for kids to fall asleep. When worn before bedtime, they can help maintain healthy sleep cycles.

Portable Storage Case Keeps Glasses Safe

A protective case is included to prevent scratches and damage when not in use. The durable leatherette case has a secure closure and handy carabiner. Kids can attach it to their backpack or belt loop for easy transport. A cleaning cloth is also included.

Ideal for School, Play, and Screen Time

Kids should wear their blue light filtering glasses anytime they use digital devices, watch TV, play video games or use VR headsets. They’re also great for outdoor activities to protect eyes from sun damage. Use them for:

  • Distance learning classes
  • Reading ebooks
  • Playing educational games
  • Watching movies and videos
  • Crafting or building with small parts
  • Outdoor sports and activities

Give the Gift of Healthy Vision

Do you know a child who’s attached to their tablet or gaming system? Give their eyes a break with these blue light blocking glasses! They also make great stocking stuffers and party favors. Help the kids in your life develop good vision habits. Their eyes will thank you.

At MAGIC ROSE, we care about protecting young eyes. Our premium lenses and durable frames ensure clear, comfortable vision for digital kids. Let us safeguard your child’s sight!


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