MagicFiber Cleaning Kit – The Must-Have for Crystal Clear Eyewear


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Tired of always having to deal with foggy, smudged glasses and goggles? It’s beyond frustrating when you can’t see clearly through contaminated lenses and have nothing on hand to clean them. That’s why you need the MagicFiber Cleaning Kit – the ultimate solution for keeping your eyewear fog and smudge-free anytime, anywhere.

This 4-pack of MagicFiber cleaning pouches and soft cases is designed to safely clean all types of delicate eyewear lenses while also protecting them from scratches while stored.

Ultra Plush Microfiber for Streak-Free Cleaning

The MagicFiber pouches feature an integrated microfiber cloth that gently wipes away dirt, grease, fingerprints, and otherresidue from your lenses. The ultra-soft premium microfiber material quickly absorbs any condensation, grease or sweat that causes fogging and blurry vision.

The lint-free microfiber material and lack of chemical cleaners also means there’s no risk of scratching or damaging your delicate lenses or anti-reflective coatings. Just a quick wipe is all it takes to restore 100% clarity and get rid of visible smears or streaks.

Built-in Protection On-The-Go

The lightweight yet durable MagicFiber pouches allow you to always have a cleaning cloth handy while also protecting your glasses or goggles while stored. The soft microfiber material prevents scratches and damage from occurring while carried in your bag or pockets.

Just slip your glasses into the MagicFiber pouch for easy yet secure transportation. The drawstring closure ensures your eyewear stays protected while the built-in soft cleaning cloth enables you to wipe away smudges anytime.

Never worry about foggy lenses again even when doing activities like swimming, skiing, running, or biking. Keep the MagicFiber pouch with you to always have an instant solution for clear vision.

Designed For All Delicate Lenses

From eyeglasses to ski goggles, the MagicFiber Cleaning Kit is safe for all types of precision eyewear lenses. The pouches can be used to clean and store prescription glasses, sunglasses, protective goggles, binoculars, camera lenses and more.

The microfiber material is gentle enough to not damage expensive coatings on corrective lenses or scratch plastic sports goggles. Anti-fog and anti-reflective treatments remain intact with the MagicFiber cleaning method.

Convenient Protection On The Go

The 4 convenient colors options (black, gray, navy blue, white) mean you’ll be able to color coordinate your MagicFiber pouches. Keep separate pouches for different eyewear – like prescription glasses, sunglasses, or swim goggles.

The lightweight portable pouches take up hardly any space in your bag, purse or pockets. Just toss them in your swim bag or glove compartment so you’ll always have a fog-fighting cleaner wherever you go.

The water-resistant nylon exterior also means the pouches can withstand splashing or moisture while protecting the contents. Don’t be caught without clear vision ever again.

The Eyewear Cleaning Kit You Need

Ditch disposable wipes and stop using your t-shirt to clean lenses – invest in the MagicFiber Cleaning Kit for the most effective, convenient way to clean delicate eyewear and keep it scratch-free. The premium microfiber cloth leaves zero streaks or lint behind.

Never deal with foggy lenses during important moments again. The MagicFiber kit also makes a great gift for any glasses wearer in your life who needs a compact cleaning solution.

With a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, you can buy the MagicFiber Cleaning Kit risk-free. We know you’ll love how quick and easy it is to clean and store your glasses, goggles and more.

Order the MagicFiber Cleaning Kit today to enjoy crystal clear vision whenever you need it!


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