MARE AZZURO Photochromic Bifocal Reading Glasses Women Blue Light Blocking Oversized Sun Readers


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Treat your eyes to the innovative MARE AZZURO photochromic bifocal reading glasses for women! These multifunctional oversized readers transition in sunlight to double as stylish sunglasses outdoors. While also protecting against digital eye strain when used as blue light blocking glasses indoors.

The magic lies within the photochromic lenses. When exposed to UV rays from the sun, they automatically darken to a fashionable grey tint to transform into sunglasses. This provides glare reduction and 100% UV400 protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays during outdoor activities. Then when you go back inside, the lenses quickly fade back to crystal clear for comfortable reading and close work. No more carrying separate pairs of readers and sunglasses!

Equipped with premium HD bifocal lenses, these photochromic readers deliver sharp, distortion-free vision at any distance. The lower segment has your chosen magnification power (+1.00 to +4.00) for reading text and seeing objects up close. While the upper non-magnified area is for clear long-range vision when driving, watching TV, grocery shopping, and other daily tasks.

The seamless transition between the different lens zones makes it easy to switch focus between reading and distance. No more straining your eyes, neck, and head trying to peer over your glasses! The extra large square lenses also provide expanded peripheral view without the frame obstructing your field of vision.

When using the MARE AZZURO bifocal readers indoors for close work, the lenses filter out 90% of glaring blue light emitted from digital screens and overhead lighting. This greatly reduces eye fatigue and headaches associated with prolonged blue light exposure. Browsing on your phone, watching movies, working on the computer, and reading will be more enjoyable without compromised vision.

The lightweight TR90 frame is both durable and comfortable to wear all day long. The flexible spring hinges allow the arms to gently conform to the shape of your head for a secure fit. Whether you have a smaller head or a wider face, these adjustable photochromic bifocal sunglasses will stay put. The hypoallergenic materials also do not irritate sensitive skin.

For optimal visual support, be sure to choose the magnification power that meets your needs:

+1.00 – Best for beginning presbyopia and small print reading
+1.50 – Ideal for reading books and newspapers
+2.00 – Most popular for computer work and hobbies
+2.50 to +3.50 – Recommended for advanced presbyopia
+4.00 – Maximum strength for tiny print and close tasks

It can take up to 1 week to get used to your first pair of bifocal glasses. Start slowly with short reading sessions to allow your eyes and brain time to adapt to the different lens zones. Don’t get discouraged if they initially feel weird! With a little practice, you’ll effortlessly switch focus between the reading and distance portions.

While these photochromic bifocal readers darken well in full sun, they may not transition as much on cloudy or overcast days. The lenses need sufficient UV exposure to activate the tint. But not to worry, even without the sunglasses effect the bifocals still provide excellent visual clarity and blue light protection indoors.

For outstanding value, MARE AZZURO includes:

– Photochromic Bifocal Reading Glasses
– Small Screwdriver for Tightening Screws
– Glasses Cleaning Cloth
– Glasses Rope
– Portable Carrying Bag
– Plastic Protective Case

We stand behind our products with a worry-free money-back guarantee and responsive USA-based customer service. Don’t settle for flimsy readers that easily scratch, lose their magnification, and lack durability. Our bifocal sunglasses are crafted with quality materials for long-lasting performance.

Give your eyes the protection they need with these multi-purpose MARE AZZURO photochromic bifocal reading glasses for women! The innovative transitional lenses seamlessly adapt to tackle all your indoor and outdoor activities year-round.


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