MARE AZZURO Stylish Reading Glasses for Men – Find Your Perfect Strength with Powers from 0.5 to 6.0


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Tired of squinting to read restaurant menus, medication labels, text messages, books, and anything in arm’s reach? End the eye strain now with the MARE AZZURO Reading Glasses for Men. Find your ideal magnification power between 0.5 to 6.0 in precise 0.25 increments.

These rectangular reading spectacles feature sleek black full frames constructed from lightweight hypoallergenic plastic. The durable spring hinges flex and contour to your face for pinch-free comfort. Subtle engraving on the temples adds a touch of class.

Whether you need help reading mail, studying reports, or tweezing eyebrows, MARE AZZURO has you covered. Choose from the following lens powers:

0.5-1.25 – Ideal for reading mail, menus, and medications. Slight magnification sharpens close-up vision.

1.50-2.50 – Perfect strengths for reading books, newspapers, magazines, doing crafts, and other hobbies.

2.75-4.0 – Stronger lenses for increased magnification of small text and details. Great for reading in dim lighting.

Additional important features:

A-Grade Optical Lenses – Precision manufactured to obtain crisp, aberration-free close-up vision. Enhanced lens clarity, durability, and scratch resistance.

Lightweight Design– Weighing just 17 grams, you’ll barely notice these glasses on your face. The curved shape provides a comfortable personalized fit.

180° Flexible Spring Hinges – Arms open wide and contour to your head for a custom feel. No pinching or pressure points.

3 Reinforced Anchor Points – Stainless steel screws at the frame front and temples provide durable strength and a 4+ year lifespan.

Anti-Reflective Coating – Reduces ambient glare and reflections for sharpened eyesight and less eye strain.

Whether you need a mild boost or stronger correction, find your perfect strength with the MARE AZZURO Reading Glasses for Men. Ditch the drugstore cheaters and treat your peepers to professional-grade magnification.

The sleek rectangular black frames flatter all face shapes with understated class. Just the thing for reading, hobbies, crafts, assembly, close work and inspecting small items. Keep a pair handy in your desk, glove box, bathroom, sofa – everywhere you need a vision boost!

Join over 2,000 satisfied customers who are amazed at the crystal clear vision provided by these well-constructed readers. Try them risk-free for 30 days to find your ideal power. If you don’t love them, return for a full refund. Enjoy peace of mind with a lifetime breakage warranty.

Give your eyes the help they need to keep doing what you love. Upgrade your sight and reduce eye fatigue with the MARE AZZURO Reading Glasses for Men! Click Add to Cart now to sharpen your vision.


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