Mcoorn Ultra Lightweight Flexible Reading Glasses for Men and Women


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Tired of heavy, bulky reading glasses that slide down your nose? Searching for lightweight readers that won’t give you a headache or make indents on your skin? Look no further than the Mcoorn Ultra Lightweight Flexible Reading Glasses!

Built with innovative memory plastic, these readers are incredibly lightweight at just 14.2 grams. The flexible frame and temples move with you, eliminating pressure points for all-day comfort. Slip these featherlight readers in your pocket or purse – they take up hardly any room. The compact size makes them easy to keep handy, so you can pull them out anytime you need to read a menu, work on a craft project, or study a map.

Read Comfortably for Hours

Unlike many rigid plastic glasses that dig into your nose and ears, the flexible Mcoorn readers stay comfortable. The soft silicone tips on the temples prevent them from slipping as you look down. And at just 1.9 inches wide, the slender lenses won’t obscure your peripheral vision. Enjoy crisp, clear reading without discomfort or eyestrain.

Perfect On-the-Go Solution

Great for travel and everyday carry, these readers have a large range of magnification powers from +1.00 to +3.50. Keep multiple pairs handy with different strengths for reading mail, newspapers, magazines, recipes, work documents, and more. The compact size takes up hardly any purse or pocket space. Toss them in your laptop bag, glove compartment, backpack, or luggage. Wherever you need clear, magnification you can pull out these lightweight readers.

One Pair, Many Uses

Versatile and functional, these readers work great for:

  • Reading small text in books, on menus, on medicine bottles, etc.
  • Working on hobbies and crafts like sewing, jewelry-making, model-building, etc.
  • Using maps, directories, cookbooks, game instructions
  • Filling out forms, reading prescriptions, balancing checkbooks
  • Inspecting circuit boards, collectors’ items, antiques, and more

Keep a pair stashed in your kitchen, bedroom, office, garage, glove box – anywhere you need help reading up close. The sleek black frame suits both men and women. At just pennies per day, you’ll get years of reliable service.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand behind the quality of our reading glasses. Your purchase is backed by our money-back satisfaction guarantee as well as our one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Enjoy worry-free ownership for full peace of mind.

Order Now and Improve Your Vision

Stop squinting and struggle to see close-up details. Get the Mcoorn Ultra Lightweight Flexible Reading Glasses today! With innovative memory plastic, these readers weigh next to nothing while providing clear, comfortable vision correction. Carry them anywhere for on-the-go magnification when you need it.


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