MEKBOK Polarized Sports Sunglasses – 5 Interchangeable Lenses for Versatile Outdoor Use


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Equip yourself for nearly any outdoor activity with these rugged MEKBOK sports sunglasses built with an interchangeable lens system. The set includes 5 different lenses optimized for everything from cycling to golf.

Polarized Composite Lenses

All 5 lenses utilize composite material with a polarized filter to eliminate glare. Colors appear richer and textures more defined.objects become sharper, improving visibility. The polarized lenses offer crucial glare reduction for cyclists, drivers, boaters, and fishermen.

100% UV400 Protection

Every interchangeable lens has a UV400 coating to fully block UVA/UVB rays up to 400nm, guarding against eye damage from prolonged sun exposure. Enjoy your favorite sports safely.

HD Clarity and Enhanced Contrast

Innovative lens technology enhances color and contrast for a High Definition visual experience. See the smallest of objects in sharp focus. Critical for activities like fishing, hunting, target shooting, and tracking balls in flight.

Composite Frames for Durability

Durable yet feather-light composite frames maintain integrity even during rugged use. The material also makes the sunglasses comfortable for extended wear. Stylish wrapped shape offers a secure fit.

5 Versatile Lenses for Any Situation

The interchangeable lens system lets you tailor eyewear to current conditions:

Black: Ideal for cycling with glare reduction. Also great for driving.

Yellow: Enhances contrast for times of low light like overcast days. Excellent for baseball, golf, and water sports.

Purple: Provides crystal clarity. Perfect for trail running or hiking.

Blue Mirror: Mirrored coating filters bright light. Great for fishing and water activities.

Red Mirror: Contrasts greens and browns for golf, hiking, and other field sports.

Secure Wrap-Around Fit

The wrapped shape and nose pads prevent slippage even during vigorous activities. Comfortable enough for long-term wear.

Protective Case Included

Hard case with molded interior safely stores glasses and lenses when not in use. Lenses swap out easily whenever needed.

Lifetime Breakage Warranty

We back these sunglasses with a lifetime warranty against any manufacturer’s defects or breakage. If our product fails in any way, we will repair or replace it.

Versatile for Many Sports

Wear for cycling, running, hiking, golf, baseball, fishing, water sports, and so much more. The included lenses make these sunglasses universal for nearly any daylight activity.

Lightweight Design Built for Comfort

At just 35 grams, you’ll barely notice them. The durable composite material resists bending and flexing too.

Lifetime Eye Protection

The complete UV400 protection ensures your eyes stay shielded from damaging solar radiation for years of regular sports use.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We stand behind the quality and versatility of this interchangeable lens system. Try them for 90 days and return if unsatisfied for any reason.

With glare-eliminating polarized lenses perfect for cycling plus options for any sport or light level, you’ll be prepared for the entire season ahead!


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