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Tired of keeping track of multiple pairs of eyewear? Struggling to see clearly both near and far? The innovative mincl photochromic bifocal reading glasses are here to simplify your vision needs. With adaptive photochromic lenses and magnified lower segments, these 2-in-1 glasses seamlessly transition to provide you crisp vision indoor and outdoor, up close and far away.

The mincl glasses feature the latest in photochromic technology to automatically adjust based on ambient lighting. When you’re inside, the lenses remain completely clear, acting as your daily pair of reading glasses. But as soon as you head outdoors, the lenses darken into a gray sunglass tint to protect your eyes from glaring sun and UV rays. No more constantly switching between separate readers and sunglasses – just pop on the mincl glasses and let them adapt to your environment!

In addition to the responsive photochromic lenses, these glasses also utilize bifocal design for varying vision needs. The upper portion maintains your regular vision for seeing distance. But when you glance down, the lower section of the lenses provide magnification ranging from 0 to +4.00 strengths. Simply tilt your eyes to get the exact power you need for close-up tasks like reading mail, menus, labels, and more. With mincl’s innovative bifocal reader sunglasses, you get sharp clarity both near and far in one convenient pair.

The unisex glasses feature a bold red square frame with transparent accenting for a contemporary mixed-material look. The wraparound shape offers expanded peripheral vision and protection from sun and debris. Flexible rubberized tips ensure a comfortable grip all day. Despite the many features, the frame remains ultra lightweight and durable for all-day wear indoors and out.

Whether you’re a student, professional, or retired, you’ll get endless use out of these adaptable 2-in-1 reader sunglasses. Keep them on hand in your car, bag, or desk drawer to enjoy seamless sight no matter where the day takes you. Ditch the vision struggles and experience simple reading convenience with mincl.

Product Features:

– Photochromic lenses transition from clear to dark gray tint when exposed to UV light

– Bifocal design with lower magnification section from 0 to +4.00 powers

– Unisex square shape with transparent and red mixed-material frame

– Wraparound lenses provide expanded peripheral vision and protection

– Lightweight and durable frame for indoor and outdoor wear

– Flexible rubber tips for comfortable, non-slip fit

– 2-in-1 readers adapt seamlessly between tasks and conditions

Size Guide:

To ensure proper fit, measure your existing pair of glasses across the front lens width and bridge width. Compare to the sizes below:

– Small: Lens Width – 135mm, Bridge Width – 15mm
– Medium: Lens Width – 140mm, Bridge Width – 17mm
– Large: Lens Width – 145mm, Bridge Width – 19mm

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help selecting your size. Our customer service team is always happy to assist!

Lens Options:

The mincl photochromic bifocal reading glasses currently only come with Transitions brand photochromic lenses. Please note these lenses do not offer full UV protection when clear indoors – they only block 100% of UV rays when darkened in the sun.


We do not offer prescription lenses for these glasses at this time. They are intended only for those who need magnification for close-up vision correction. Please contact us if you’d like to request prescription support in future models.

Satisfaction Promise:

Your vision satisfaction is our top concern. We back all mincl eyewear with a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, return the glasses for a full refund or exchange. Enjoy your new reader sunglasses risk-free!

With mincl’s innovative bifocal photochromic glasses, you’ll wonder how you ever managed with multiple pairs before. Discover simple, seamless sight both near and far, indoors and out. Order yours today!


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