Missfive 2 Pack Super-Flexible-Spring-Hinge Multifocus Progressive Reading Glasses for Men Women – Blue Light Blocking Multifocal No-Line Readers Lightweight Eyeglasses Workspace for Near Range – 1.0x


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Tired of constantly switching between your computer glasses and reading glasses? Missfive’s innovative multifocus progressive lenses allow you to seamlessly transition between near and intermediate viewing distances, reducing eye strain and fatigue. These lightweight, comfortable readers are specially designed for people who spend hours working on screens, reading documents, writing, or any near-range tasks.

No More Switching Glasses Back and Forth

With most multifocal glasses, there is an abrupt change between the different lens powers that can be jarring and uncomfortable. Missfive uses a progressive no-line design that gradually transitions between lens strengths, providing distortion-free vision at any distance within arm’s reach. The 1.0x lenses offer clear viewing from approx. 16 inches to 39 inches away. Whether you’re working on your laptop, reviewing papers, reading books, cooking, crafting, or anything in between, these glasses have you covered.

Block Harmful Blue Light and Relieve Eye Strain

Prolonged exposure to blue light from digital screens can lead to digital eye strain, headaches, and sleep disruption. Missfive reading glasses feature a blue light blocking coating that filters out 90% of harmful blue-violet light while allowing through other light wavelengths. This reduces glare, enhances contrast, and prevents eye fatigue when using phones, tablets, and computers.

Super-Flexible Spring Hinges for a Customized Fit

Traditional spring hinges can pinch behind the ears and put pressure on the temples. Missfive uses an innovative spring hinge design that can open outwards up to 45 degrees beyond perpendicular. This creates a super-flexible fit that conforms to your head size and shape. The arms open wide but stay securely in place without pinching or sliding.

Featherlight Construction for All-Day Wear

At just 20 grams per pair, you’ll barely notice you’re wearing these glasses. The ultra-lightweight TR90 memory plastic frame feels incredibly comfortable and holds shape even after folding up. Adjustable silicone nose pads prevent slippage. High-index 1.57 polycarbonate lenses are shatter-resistant and thin for undistorted optics.

Work in Style and Comfort

Whether you’re creating spreadsheets, writing reports, developing code, or working on your novel, do it in style and comfort. The classic rectangular lens shape and matte black frame with blue mirrored lens coating lend these glasses an understated modern look. The spring hinges allow you to fold them up neatly in the included pouch when not in use.

Worry-Free Purchase

Missfive stands behind their progressive readers with a 90-day free replacement or refund policy. If you have any issues, contact their helpful customer service team for a prompt resolution. Give your eyes a break and upgrade your workspace with a pair of Missfive computer reading glasses today!

Why Choose Missfive Progressive Reading Glasses?

  • Multifocus 1.0x lenses for clear vision from 16 inches to 39 inches
  • Seamless transition between near and intermediate distances
  • Blue light blocking filters out 90% of harmful blue-violet light
  • Innovative 45-degree outward spring hinges for customized fit
  • Weigh just 20 grams – ultra lightweight and comfortable
  • Scratch and shatter resistant polycarbonate lenses
  • Mirrored lens coating reduces glare and eye fatigue
  • Folds up neatly into included pouch
  • 90-day free replacement or refund policy

Who Are These Glasses For?

Missfive’s progressive readers are perfect for:

  • Professionals who spend hours on computers – programmers, writers, accountants
  • Remote workers using screens for Zoom calls and meetings
  • Students studying textbooks, taking online classes, doing research
  • Administrative professionals, secretaries, and assistants
  • Book lovers and avid readers
  • Crafters, quilters, jewelry makers, and other hobbyists
  • Anyone who needs an adjustable, comfortable pair of computer eyewear

Your New Favorite Eyewear

With their innovative design and premium quality, Missfive progressive reading glasses will quickly become your go-to pair for working, studying, reading, hobbies, and everyday wear. The no-line transition lenses eliminate the need to constantly switch between separate computer and reading glasses. Just put on your Missfives and enjoy clear, comfortable vision whether tackling close-up tasks or activities slightly farther away. Reduce eye strain, headaches, and fatigue while staying stylish. Order your Missfive glasses today!


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