miyya 6 Pack Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses – Fashion Oversized Square Readers for Women with Spring Hinges (2.0 Magnification)


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Treat your eyes to stylish protection with this 6 pack of blue light blocking reading glasses from miyya. The assorted set includes fashionable oversized square readers in must-have colors to fit your every look. Each pair features lightweight frames with spring hinges and scratch-resistant lenses to keep your vision crisp and clear.

The mix of readers comes in exaggerated square silhouettes that flatter and frame your face. The trendy color options include black, pink, transparent, leopard print, tortoise, and spotted patterns to coordinate with your personal style. Pop on a pair of miyya readers when you need a magnification boost for reading books, menus, labels, and more.

But these readers do more than just magnify text. The lenses have an added blue light filtering coating to reduce exposure to harmful blue light emitted from digital devices. This helps alleviate eye fatigue and strain when using phones, tablets, and computers. Now you can read your favorite eBook and browse social media with less disruption to your vision.

Key Features:

  • Complete set of 6 readers with blue light blocking lenses
  • +2.0 magnification for close-up tasks like reading and crafting
  • Oversized square frames complement all face shapes
  • TR90 frames are flexible and durable
  • Built-in spring hinges keep the glasses in place comfortably
  • Lenses treated to filter out harmful blue light from screens
  • Polycarbonate lenses resist scratches and impacts
  • Each pair includes a soft protective case

Trendy Oversized Frames

Readable style starts with the right frames. This mix pack from miyya includes exaggerated square frames in varied colors and prints to suit your personal tastes. The transparent option offers understated chic. Leopard print and black pink patterns provide playful pops of color. Or keep it classic with the subdued tortoise pattern.

All the frames feature oversized proportions to complement your facial features. The squared silhouette flatters round and oval face shapes by adding flattering angles. Whether you prefer bold or subtle, these blue light readers extend your eyewear wardrobe.

Magnify Text Comfortably

The readers in this 6 pack feature lenses with +2.0 magnification power, ideal for tackling small text with ease. Just slip on a pair when you want to enlarge books, instructions, restaurant menus, price labels, and more. The magnification boost takes visual strain out of close-up tasks.

TR90 frame material provides just the right amount of flexibility for lasting comfort. Integrated spring hinges allow the temples to gently flex and bounce back to fit your face shape without pinching. This creates a secure feel so the readers stay put whether you’re reading, crafting, or out and about.

Protect Against Blue Light

In addition to magnification, these readers also give your eyes defense against blue light emitted from digital screens. Exposure to these high energy visible rays has been linked to digital eye strain, headaches, and disrupted sleep cycles.

The lenses of the computer readers in this pack are treated with a special blue light filtering coating. This reduces transmission of harmful blue light to alleviate visual fatigue from phones, tablets, and other screens. Just pop on a pair when gaming, watching videos, or working on your laptop to offset blue light overexposure.

Polycarbonate Lenses Offer Durability

You’ll enjoy crisp, distortion-free vision through the readers thanks to durable polycarbonate lenses. This lightweight yet strong plastic resists scratches, smudges, and impacts. You don’t have to worry about the lenses getting scuffed in your purse or accidentally stepped on. Polycarbonate also blocks 100% of UV for protection when outdoors.

Convenient Cases Keep Pairs Protected

Each set of miyya reading glasses comes with a soft protective case so you can keep them safe and prevent scratches when not in use. The compact cases make it easy to toss the readers in your purse, glove box, backpack, or luggage. They take up minimal space so you can stash an extra pair anywhere you need them.

Versatile Vision Solution for Work and Play

With 6 pairs of readers, you’re covered for all activities at home, the office, and on the go. Keep them handy around the house for reading, paid bills, crafts, and hobbies. Have a set by your work station to magnify small text and offset computer eye fatigue. Or slip a case in your bag to pull out your readers anywhere vision help is needed!

Thoughtful Gift for Friends and Family

Do you have a parent, coworker, or friend that’s always squinting at text? This 6 pack of readers makes a practical gift to magnify their world. They’ll appreciate the assorted frame styles to match their personality and outfits. The soft cases help keep the readers protected and accessible. It’s sure to get plenty of use and become a favorite visual aid.

Shop Miyyas Readers Risk-Free

Why compromise comfort and style for eye protection? Get the best of both with this six pair set of fashionable blue light blocking readers. Try miyya’s readers risk-free today. If you are not completely happy, return them for a full refund or exchange.


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