Mochi Eyeglass Nose Pads – Softer Than Clouds Non-Slip Silicone Nose Pad Cushions for Glasses and Sunglasses


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Tired of your eyeglasses pinching your nose? Say goodbye to sore reddened skin and constant slippage with Mochi Eyeglass Nose Pads. Our ultra-soft silicone nose pads cradle your nose in cloud-like comfort while keeping your eyewear firmly in place.

Slip on these squishy cushions for pain-free all-day wear. The gentle silicone conforms to your nose without pressing painfully into the skin. The textured material grips securely to prevent sliding and slipping throughout the day. No more having to push your glasses back up the bridge of your nose again and again.

Mochi Nose Pads are easy to attach and detach from your existing nose pads. Just stretch the silicone cover over the top and bottom of the pad. No special tools or adhesives needed. The super soft material won’t damage your current nose pads or frames either.

Enjoy Long-Lasting Comfort and Stability

Our nose pads are made of premium medical-grade silicone for unbeatable softness and durability. The smooth material won’t irritate skin or cause discomfort even during long wear. The ingenious 3D shape provides a comfortable custom fit for any nose bridge.

The textured silicone grips your skin just enough to prevent sliding while remaining gentle. Wear your glasses confidently without having to constantly readjust them. The lightweight material also reduces overall frame weight for enhanced comfort.

Fits Most Nose Pad Styles and Sizes

Mochi Nose Pads come in three sizes to accommodate most eyeglass and sunglass nose pad lengths:

– Small: Fits nose pads 9-12mm in height
– Medium: Fits nose pads 12-15mm in height
– Large: Fits nose pads 15-18mm in height

The stretchy silicone material molds over existing nose pads up to 18mm tall, including oval, rectangle, circle, and other shapes. Just measure your current nose pads and select the closest size.

If you’re unsure of the size, medium fits most standard adult eyeglasses. The flexible covers conform to fit smaller and larger nose pads beyond the size ranges as well.

Easy to Apply, Remove, and Clean

Applying the Mochi nose pads takes just seconds:

1. Locate the existing nose pads on your eyeglasses.
2. Stretch one cover over the top of a nose pad.
3. Pull the cover down around the bottom of the pad.
4. Repeat steps for the second nose pad.

To remove, gently pull each cover off.

The nose pads can be hand washed with warm water and mild soap then air dried when needed.

Get Longer Life from Your Eyewear

The soft silicone protects your existing nose pads from pigmentation and damage from skin oils and sweat. This prevents premature deterioration of the pads.

You’ll also reduce smudging and accumulation of dirt and skin oils on the nose pads themselves. Mochi Covers keep your nose pads looking and functioning like new.

All Day Comfort for Work, Play, and Everything In Between

Whether you wear prescription glasses or sunglasses, Mochi Nose Pads make them more comfortable for all situations:

– Working on screens all day at the office
– Driving long distances
– Playing sports
– Exercising at the gym
– Lounging outdoors
– And much more!

Slip on a pair of Mochi covers for reliably soft and stable eyewear comfort whenever and wherever you wear glasses. Ditch the pain, slipping, and smudging today!


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