MOJO-HOME Horizontal Periscope Glasses – Read, Watch TV, & Relax in Bed


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Need a better view for reading, watching TV, or using your laptop in bed or on the couch? The MOJO-HOME Horizontal Periscope Glasses are the perfect solution for comfortable viewing in a laid-back position!

Next-Level Lounging with Periscope Lenses

Tired of straining your neck to see the TV across the room or prop yourself up uncomfortably to read in bed? The innovative periscope lens design of the MOJO-HOME Horizontal Glasses lets you lie back and enjoy your favorite media from a relaxed, flat position.

The angled lenses use a periscope system to reflect and redirect light horizontally to your eyes. Simply rotate the glasses to adjust the viewing angle up to 90 degrees. The frames fit over prescription eyeglasses comfortably.

Stay in Bed Longer

Wake up on a day off but want to lounge in bed a little longer catching up on your favorite Netflix shows? Put on the MOJO-HOME Periscope Glasses and continue binge watching from the cozy comfort of your pillow.

The flat back design allows you to lie in any position wearing the glasses – on your back, stomach, or sides. Tilt your head to adjust the viewing angle for crisp, clear viewing without neck strain.

Read Easier in Bed

Do you get fatigued trying to hold yourself propped up with pillows to read in bed? The MOJO-HOME Horizontal Periscope Glasses let you read comfortably laying down.

Rotate the lenses upward and you can read an e-reader, book, or tablet even while lying completely flat on your back. The mirrored lenses make the text appear horizontal instead of upside down. Reading in bed is now effortless – just slip on the glasses!

Enjoy Hands-Free Viewing

The MOJO-HOME Periscope Glasses free up your hands for other activities like snacking, working on crafts, or browsing your phone when watching TV in a reclined position.

The frames have just enough weight to stay securely on your face without needing to be held. Enjoy TV hands-free while multi-tasking other things you can comfortably do from the couch or bed.

Glasses That Go Anywhere

The MOJO-HOME Horizontal Periscope Glasses weigh only 2.4oz and fold up compactly to stash in a nightstand or slide into a bag. Take them anywhere – bedroom, living room, hotel, office, dorm room.

Use them bed, couch, lawn chair, hammock, or any place you want to kick back and have a better view for reading, videos, or browsing. Be lazy and comfortable anywhere!

Perfect for Kids & Older Adults

Kids can use the MOJO-HOME Periscope Glasses to stay comfortably entertained watching shows in bed. Older adults with mobility limitations find them ideal for reading or watching TV from bed.

The lightweight horizontal glasses allow screen time and entertainment without needing to sit upright. Enjoy favorite activities from the relaxed position of choice!

Incredibly Easy to Use

Simply unfold the MOJO-HOME Horizontal Periscope Glasses and place them on your face to instantly have an angled view of what’s in front of you while lying down. Rotate the glasses up and down to adjust the viewing angle.

Focus is fixed at the ideal distance for screen viewing or reading when lying flat. Just lean your head for small adjustments to the fixed focus. It’s that easy!

Fun for Kids

Kids will love wearing these unique periscope glasses to transform story time, playtime, or watching their favorite shows into a whole new fun experience! The glasses make a great gift to enhance lounging and entertainment.

Great for Travel

Thanks to their light weight and folding design, the MOJO-HOME Periscope Glasses are perfect for leisure and business travel. Continue your entertainment routine comfortably while relaxing in your hotel bed.

Upgrade Relaxation and Leisure

The MOJO-HOME Horizontal Periscope Glasses provide a simple hands-free solution for more comfortable viewing during downtime. No more neck strain trying to see your screen or book at an awkward upright angle when you want to fully recline. Enjoy leisure activities in any laid-back position!


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