MOJO-HOME Lazy Reader Glasses – Watch TV or Read in Bed with Ease!


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Tired of straining your neck to watch TV or read while in bed or on the couch? Introducing the MOJO-HOME Lazy Reader Glasses, the innovative horizontal periscope glasses that allow you to lie down flat and still enjoy all your favorite media activities comfortably. With an angled mirror design, these clever glasses reflect images from your TV, computer, books, magazines, and more straight to your eyes – no more neck pain from uncomfortable positions!

Innovative Horizontal Periscope Design

The MOJO-HOME Lazy Reader Glasses feature two angled front surface mirrors that horizontally reflect images into your eyes. This gives you a straight-on viewing experience while lying flat on your back and looking up. The durable plastic glasses frame and adjustable foam headstrap ensure a secure fit for all-day wear. Fits easily over prescription eyeglasses too!

Versatile Applications for Work and Leisure

Take the strain off your neck and back when reading, working on a laptop, or watching TV in bed. The MOJO-HOME Lazy Reader Glasses are perfect for:

  • Catching up on shows or movies in bed
  • Reading books, e-readers, magazines, newspapers
  • Using laptops and mobile devices hands-free
  • Playing video games while reclining
  • Crafting, knitting, or other hobbies lying down

No need to prop yourself up with pillows or crane your neck. Just put on the glasses and enjoy activities from a relaxed horizontal position!

Alleviate Discomfort for All Ages

Whether due to injury, mobility issues, or just wanting to relax, the MOJO-HOME Lazy Reader Glasses are helpful for:

  • Seniors and those with limited mobility
  • Recovering post-surgery patients
  • People with neck/back injuries or chronic pain
  • Pregnant women seeking comfort in late stages
  • Kids and teens relaxing in their rooms

The periscope glasses provide an easy way to engage in pleasurable activities without adding stress to the body. Help your loved ones maintain independence and enjoyment!

Lightweight Design for Hours of Use

Weighing just a few ounces, the MOJO-HOME Lazy Reader Glasses are easy to wear for extended periods. Key features include:

  • Lightweight plastic frame with comfortable foam headstrap
  • Adjustable band to fit small, medium, and large head sizes
  • Soft open-cell foam padding at nose and forehead
  • Flat temples don’t put pressure on ears
  • Fits over prescription eyeglasses

The open frame design allows your eyes to gaze downward naturally. Fashion meets function!

High-Quality Optics for Distortion-Free Viewing

The two cleverly angled front surface mirrors provide crisp, clear images without distortion:

  • Mirrored acrylic lenses give optimal reflection
  • Precise 45 degree angles for accurate image transmission
  • Minimizes eyestrain from image distortion
  • Enjoy HD clarity when reading or viewing screens

The periscope glasses only transmit light horizontally, allowing you to maintain natural downward gaze.

Complete Relaxation and Hands-Free Convenience

The MOJO-HOME Lazy Reader Glasses free up your hands and allow you to lie in total comfort:

  • Read, craft, eat, and more while reclining
  • Adjust positions without losing your place
  • Avoid spill messes since you can see your food/drink
  • Prevent neck, back, and shoulder pain
  • Alleviate symptoms of acid reflux, sinus issues, and more

Experience the joy of books, movies, browsing, and gaming from a fully relaxed, zero gravity position! Ditch those propped up pillows once and for all.

Fun Novelty Gift for All Ages

Surprise your kids, teens, parents, or friends with the hilarious MOJO-HOME Lazy Reader Glasses for birthdays, holidays, and more! See their reactions when they try these funny but functional horizontal periscope glasses. Kids will get a kick out of using them for reading, drawing, and playing games in their rooms. It’s a gift that encourages laughter and creativity!

Order the MOJO-HOME Lazy Reader Glasses Now!

Stop struggling to view your media devices and books at uncomfortable angles. The innovative MOJO-HOME Lazy Reader Glasses allow you to lie down flat and still see everything clearly. Order now to experience easier reading, working, and entertainment from the comfort of your bed or couch! Perfect for anyone who wants to avoid neck strain while enjoying their favorite activities in a lazy, relaxed position.


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