mrbobmslee Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses – 4 Pack Computer Readers for Men That Reduce Eye Strain


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Tired of squinting at your computer screen or phone? Say goodbye to eye strain with the mrbobmslee 4 pack of blue light blocking reading glasses. These stylish and lightweight computer readers filter out harmful blue light from digital devices, while reducing glare to keep your eyes comfortable.

The mrbobmslee reading glasses feature high-quality lenses engineered to protect your vision. The scratch-resistant lenses block 98% of intense blue light emitted from LED screens. This prevents eye fatigue and headaches associated with prolonged exposure to smartphones, tablets, and computers. The lenses also reduce UV rays by 99% to promote healthy eyes.

While filtering blue light, the mrbobmslee computer readers don’t distort colors or clarity. The high transmittance lenses maintain true color representation. You’ll enjoy crisp, clear vision while reading emails, working online, watching videos, and more. The anti-reflective coating also minimizes glare to reduce visual distractions.

Weighing only 19.5 grams, these lightweight blue light glasses allow comfortable long-term wear. The durable yet flexible frame has flex hinges to ensure a secure fit. Choose from magnification powers of +1.00, +1.50, +2.00, and +2.50 to reduce eyestrain while reading. The stylish frame design complements any professional or casual look.

Key Features:

– Blocks 98% of harmful blue light from digital devices
– Reduces glare and eye fatigue
– Scratch-resistant, true-color lenses
– Weighs only 19.5 grams for comfortable wear
– Flex hinges adjust for a custom fit
– Magnification options from +1.00 to +2.50
– Stylish frame complements professional and casual looks

Computer Eye Strain: A Modern Problem
In our increasingly digital world, more people spend hours each day staring at LED screens. This intense blue light exposure overworks your eyes, leading to a range of symptoms:

– Eye fatigue and pain
– Blurry vision
– Headaches
– Dry eyes
– Poor sleep

Long term, excessive blue light can contribute to macular degeneration and permanent eye damage. The mrbobmslee blue light blocking glasses are your solution for comfortable, protected viewing.

Block Harmful Rays to Relieve Strain
Your eyes aren’t designed to handle artificial light. The blue light wavelengths from your devices overstimulate light-sensing cells, causing visual discomfort. The lenses in the mrbobmslee computer readers use a special filter to block 98% of High-energy visible (HEV) blue light. This alleviates eye fatigue and strain to enhance comfort.

Unlike some blue light glasses that distort color perception, the high-definition lenses maintain true color integrity. The tint is subtle, so graphics, videos, and real life appear crisp and vivid. Whether you’re designing, gaming, or just browsing, you’ll experience comfortable vision without sacrifice.

Fight Glare to Increase Focus
Squinting against glare strains your eyes and decreases your ability to focus. The mrbobmslee reading glasses feature an anti-reflective coating to minimize glare. This creates an optimal viewing experience with reduced visual distractions. You can work, study, and relax with ease.

Featherlight Yet Durable
At just 19.5 grams, you may forget you’re even wearing the mrbobmslee blue light blocking glasses. The ultra-lightweight metal frame stays comfortable with all-day wear. Flexible spring hinges allow a customized fit. The durable resin frame material is built to last yet won’t weigh you down.

Magnification for Reading Relief
In addition to filtering blue light, the mrbobmslee reading glasses feature magnification for easy reading with less squinting and strain. Select your magnification power from +1.00 to +2.50. The magnified lenses make reading newspapers, books, menus and more a breeze. They also work well for hobbies that require close-up sight like knitting, sewing, model building and more.

Contemporary Stylish Design
With a sleek rectangular lens shape and thin metal frame, these blue light computer glasses seamlessly fit into any setting from professional work spaces to lounging at home. The polished yet subtle styling complements any occasion or outfit. The mrbobmslee reading glasses are fashionable while also delivering powerful eye protection and visual clarity.

Why Choose mrbobmslee Blue Light Glasses?

– Doctor-recommended for filtering blue light and relieving eye strain
– Lightweight metal frame with flexible spring hinges
– Scratch-resistant HD lenses maintain color integrity
– Blocks 98% of harmful blue light from screens
– Reduces glaze and UV rays
– Options from 1.00 to 2.50 magnifications
– Stylish rectangular lens shape complements any face
– Pack of 4 offers convenience and savings

One Pair for Every Digital Space
The mrbobmslee 4 pack provides blue light protection wherever your day takes you. Keep a pair on your desk, nightstand, office, and in your bag. With magnification options, you can select the right strength for close work vs. distance viewing. Share the gift of eye protection with friends and family who work on computers or have hobbies requiring magnification.

Take back your vision with the mrbobmslee blue light blocking computer reading glasses 4 pack. Block blue light, relieve eye fatigue, magnify text, and look stylish wherever you use technology with these innovative readers.


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