Multifocus Reading Glasses for Women and Men – Product Description


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The Perfect Solution for Hassle-Free Vision

Our progressive multifocus reading glasses provide the visual clarity you need whether you’re reading a book up close, working on a computer, or looking at objects far away. The ingeniously designed lenses have 3 zones – a top zone for distance vision, a middle zone for intermediate distances, and a bottom reading zone for close up tasks. This allows you to seamlessly transition between near and far vision without having to constantly switch between multiple pairs of glasses. No more dealing with blurry vision or eye strain!

Sleek, Lightweight, and Durable Frames

Our reading glasses feature contemporary TR90 frames that are flexible and incredibly lightweight. The durable material ensures the glasses can withstand daily use without getting damaged. The adjustable spring hinges provide a customized fit that eliminates pressure on your face. Enjoy all-day comfort thanks to the featherlight design.

Effective Blue Light Blocking

In addition to multi-zone progressive lenses, our glasses have a blue light blocking coating that filters out harmful blue light emitted from digital screens. Studies show prolonged exposure to blue light can lead to digital eye strain, headaches, and disrupted sleep patterns. Our lenses block 90% of blue light so you can use devices comfortably without compromising your eye health or sleep quality.

Hassle-Free with DIY Options

The glasses come with the option to create your own DIY lanyard, so you never misplace them again. Simply use the provided glasses rope and loop it through the hole at the end of the temples to keep them securely around your neck. The bifocal lenses also make reading a breeze so you can enjoy books, newspapers and magazines anywhere life takes you.

Making the Switch to Progressives

We want to ensure a smooth transition when switching to progressive multifocal glasses. It’s normal to take 1-3 weeks to fully adjust to progressives. Initially, you may experience minor dizziness as your eyes get used to the zone transitions. Take it slow, and avoid driving at first. In no time, you’ll be able to wear them all day with ease. Within a month, these will feel like second nature.

The Perfect Vision Solution

Free yourself from juggling multiple pairs of eyewear and enjoy seamless vision at any range. Our revolutionary multifocus reading glasses provide unparalleled visual clarity whether you’re tackling close-up tasks or viewing distant objects. The lightweight, durable design and blue light blocking lenses keep you comfortable all-day. Make the switch to progressives that make life easier!


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