Naikomly Metal Frame Bifocal Reading Glasses for Men and Women


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Tired of straining your eyes to read? Struggling with small text on your phone, books, newspapers, or menus at restaurants? The Naikomly Metal Frame Bifocal Reading Glasses offer a stylish and comfortable solution for both men and women.

These lightweight yet durable metal frame bifocal readers allow you to see near and far with ease. The precision crafted aspheric lenses provide crisp, clear vision while reducing eyestrain, headaches, and fatigue. The lens design also eliminates distortion for a smoother reading experience.

Stylish, Versatile Design

Featuring a sleek D-shaped silver gray metal frame, these readers complement a variety of face shapes and styles. The flexible, adjustable nose pads ensure a custom fit that stays put without pinching or pressing on your nose. The arms feature comfort-fit rubberized tips that prevent sliding.

The frame sports an open lens design that offers an expansive viewing area. This gives you a wide field of vision so you can read comfortably without having to move your head. The bifocal reading line sits unobtrusively at the bottom so you can seamlessly transition from seeing nearby text to objects farther away.

Perfect for Reading and Everyday Tasks

The lower bifocal allows you to read books, manuals, newspapers, ingredient labels, text messages, and more. It also comes in handy for hobbies that require attention to small details like knitting, model building, sewing, painting miniatures, and coin collecting.

The distance portion lets you work on the computer, watch TV, see faces clearly from across the room, view road signs when driving, and perform general daily activities.

These versatile readers allow you to:

  • Read medication bottles, recipes, food labels, instructions
  • Work on crafts, DIY projects, model building
  • See your phone, computer, GPS screen
  • Drive safely and see road signs
  • Scan grocery shelves, identify products
  • Enjoy favorite hobbies like reading, puzzles

Lightweight Comfort

Weighing just 18g, these metal frame readers feel incredibly light on your face. You’ll barely notice you’re wearing them. The durable spring hinges add flexibility so the arms gently hug your head for a customized fit.

The adjustable rubber nose pads prevent slippage so you can wear your readers securely and comfortably all day long. The idanthyr glass lenses also help reduce eye fatigue by filtering out glare and harsh blue light.

Protect Your Eyesight

Straining your eyes to see can lead to headaches, dry eyes, and worsen vision over time. Bifocals allow you to see clearly without squinting, which helps prevent premature wrinkles around your eyes.

By correcting your vision, these reading glasses:

  • Reduce headaches caused by eye fatigue
  • Allow you to read comfortably for longer periods
  • Help protect against developing macular degeneration
  • Lessen squinting to prevent wrinkles and crow’s feet
  • Decrease eyestrain from digital devices

Easy to Use and Maintain

These bifocal readers come ready to wear right out of the box. Simply open the case, unfold the arms, and position them comfortably on your face.

To clean, use the included cleaning cloth to wipe down the lenses as needed. Avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners which can scratch or damage the lenses over time.

Store them in the protective case when not in use to avoid scratches. The sturdy case with magnetic closure makes it easy to toss in your purse or bag so you can have your readers with you on the go.

Choose Your Magnification Strength

The Naikomly bifocal readers are available in a range of lens powers:

  • 1.00x for minimal near vision support
  • 1.50x for mild presbyopia and early reading vision decline
  • 2.00x for moderate reading vision issues
  • 2.50x-3.50x for advanced presbyopia and close-up tasks

Carefully select the strength you need so text appears sharp and clear through the reading portion when holding material at a comfortable distance. Our lower lenses also come in progressive no-line bifocal style.

Product Details:

  • Lens Material: Idenathyr Glass
  • Lens Width: 14.5 cm
  • Bridge Width: 1.8 cm
  • Arm Length: 13.8 cm
  • Lens Height: 5.6 cm
  • Total Width: 15.5 cm
  • Total Height: 5.2 cm
  • Nose Pad Type: Adjustable Rubber
  • Frame Material: Lightweight Metal
  • Weight: 18 g

Give your eyes a break and order the Naikomly Metal Frame Bifocal Reading Glasses today! Our readers provide crisper vision and comfort so you can enjoy your favorite activities again.


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