NIDOVIX Retro Round Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Vintage Non-prescription Reading Eyeglasses for Men and Women


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Strain, fatigue, dryness – these are just some of the symptoms associated with excessive blue light exposure from digital devices like computers, tablets, and smartphones. As we spend more and more time staring at screens, we subject our eyes to high energy visible (HEV) blue light and radiation that can lead to digital eye strain and other issues over time.

Luckily, the solution is simple. Introducing the NIDOVIX Retro Round Blue Light Blocking Glasses. These vintage inspired reading glasses feature special lenses that filter out 90% of harmful blue light to protect your eyes while using digital devices. The stylish round frame design gives a cool retro look, while the lightweight durable construction ensures long lasting comfort. Whether you’re working, studying, browsing, or gaming, these blue light glasses have you covered.

Superior Blue Light Protection

Don’t compromise your eye health and comfort. The NIDOVIX blue light blocking glasses utilize cutting-edge lens technology to filter and absorb high energy blue-violet light (wavelengths between 400-450nm) emitted by LED screens. By reducing blue light transmission, visual contrast and acuity is enhanced for a sharper viewing experience. The result? Reduced glare, improved sleep, less eyestrain and fatigue.

Stylish Retro Design

A vintage inspired look you’ll love wearing. The round acetate frame front paired with slim temples give these blue light blocking readers a cool retro style. At just 27g, they’re lightweight and comfortable for all day wear. The translucent amber lenses also let you show off your eye color while getting the blue light protection you need. Whether they’re your main eyewear or a backup pair, you’ll love the smart retro styling.

Premium Features

Thoughtfully designed for function and durable use:

  • Scratch/impact resistant lenses and glossy finish frame withstand daily use
  • Glare reducing Anti-Reflective coating filters excess light
  • BPA and PVC free materials are safe and skin-friendly
  • Adjustable rubber nose pads prevent slipping
  • Spring loaded flexible hinges for a custom fit

You’ll be amazed at how comfortable these feel. The smooth acetate frame has no harsh pressure points behind the ears. Adjustable rubber nose pads prevent slipping while staying gentle on the nose bridge. Flexible spring hinges flex to your head size for a secure custom fit.

Versatile Usage Scenarios

The NIDOVIX blue light blocking glasses are designed for all-day indoor use to protect your eyes from digital eyestrain. Wear them to:

  • Work – Block blue light from office PCs, displays
  • School – Reduce exposure when studying on laptops, tablets
  • Home – Protect eyes while browsing phones, watching TV
  • Gaming – Reduce fatigue and eye soreness from monitors

Any activity that involves prolonged computer, phone or tablet usage can lead to eye discomfort. These blue light filtering readers help protect your vision and prevent dryness whether working, learning or relaxing.

Complete Accessory Set

Each order comes complete with:

  • NIDOVIX Blue Light Blocking Glasses x 1
  • Microfiber Pouch x 1
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth x 1
  • Mini Screwdriver x 1
  • Gift Box x 1

Everything you need for care, maintenance and storage. Ideal as a gift too!

Worry-Free Purchase

Your vision health is important, so we back these blue light glasses with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you’re not fully satisfied, simply return them for a full refund or replacement. We also provide friendly customer service if you have any questions.

Don’t compromise eye care and performance. Reduce exposure to harmful blue light with the NIDOVIX Retro Round Blue Light Blocking Glasses today!


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