Nitrogen Men’s Polarized Sports Wrap Sunglasses – Rectangular Amber Lenses Reduce Glare for Outdoor Activities


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Experience superior glare reduction and eye protection with the Nitrogen Men’s Polarized Sports Wrap Sunglasses. These active shades feature amber polarized lenses to filter harsh reflected light when you’re outdoors. The rugged rectangular frames provide a secure wrap-around fit for all-day comfort.

Amber Polarized Lenses Diminish Intense Glare

The amber tint lenses offer 100% UV400 protection to shield your eyes from damaging ultraviolet radiation. But what makes them truly special is the polarized filter. This eliminates annoying and potentially dangerous glare reflected off water, snow, glass, and other smooth surfaces.

By only allowing vertically oriented light waves to pass through, the lenses vastly improve visibility and depth perception. You’ll be able to see more natural color contrast for an enhanced viewing experience. Go fishing, driving, cycling, hiking, and more without glare obscuring your vision.

Greater Visual Clarity and Comfort

With less intensity reflected into your eyes, you can focus better and see things more clearly. Polarized lenses reduce eye strain and fatigue by blocking blinding light that causes you to squint. You’ll no longer have to struggle to see through harsh reflections.

The amber tint also filters out excess blue light that can contribute to digital eye strain. This makes the sunglasses ideal for blocking glare from electronic screens if you need to check your phone when outside.

Sporty Rectangular Frames Wrap Around Your Face

The impact-resistant frames feature a curved rectangular shape to provide a secure wrap-around fit. The arms extend straight back from the angular fronts to ensure the sunglasses stay firmly in place during rigorous activity.

Soft rubber nose pads allow you to achieve the perfect adjusted position. The overall snug fit blocks peripheral light and minimizes eye exposure when outdoors. Available frame colors include black, gray, army green, blue, red, and more.

Versatile Shades for All Your Outdoor Pursuits

Take these polarized sports sunglasses anywhere you encounter harsh glares. They make an excellent choice for:

– Driving
– Fishing
– Cycling
– Running
– Hiking
– And more!

The amber lenses work great in highly reflective environments with their ability to cut through glares coming off water, snow, and other surfaces. Don’t let blinding light detract from your favorite outdoor activities again.

Purchase With Confidence

We provide a 30 day money back guarantee if you are unsatisfied for any reason. That’s how confident we are that you’ll love your new Nitrogen sunglasses!

Product Details:

– Lens width: 65mm
– Lens height: 42mm
– Bridge width: 15mm
– Frame length: 145mm
– 100% UV400 protection
– Impact and scratch-resistant lenses
– Polarized amber tint lenses
– TR90 frame material
– Rectangular wrap shape

Outdoor adventures require reliable eye protection. Take on the sun, water, snow, and trails with the Nitrogen Men’s Polarized Sports Wrap Sunglasses! The polarized amber lenses cut through glares while the sturdy frames stay put during any activity. Order your pair today!


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