OLOMEE Reading Glasses for Women – Stylish Colorful Round Readers 4 Pack


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Tired of squinting to read restaurant menus, price tags, or your phone screen? It’s time to try OLOMEE reading glasses! Designed specifically for women, these lightweight and stylish readers make reading simple again.

The OLOMEE 4 pack includes blue, pink, purple, and black round reading glasses with spring hinges and +2.50 magnification lenses. Now you can easily read books, newspapers, text messages, ingredients, and more. The colorful variety means you’ll always have a pair that matches your outfit and mood.

Lightweight Comfort You’ll Love

Who wants to feel like they’re wearing thick, cumbersome glasses all day long? Not you! OLOMEE reading glasses weigh just 0.4oz each, making them ultra lightweight. You’ll barely notice them on your face.

The durable resin frame rests gently behind your ears. Adjustable spring hinges provide a custom fit that stays in place without pinching or pressing. Wear your readers for hours comfortably.

Stylish Design Makes a Statement

Just because you need reading glasses doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style. These round colorful frames let you look chic while improving your vision.

The transparent colored frames add a fun pop of color to any outfit. Match your mood or ensemble each day. The round lens shape and thin frames flatter all face shapes for a universally cute look.

Your new favorite readers will have you looking forward to wearing your glasses again! Friends and family will be asking where you found such cool and fashionable readers.

Crystal Clear Magnification

Straining to see small text is frustrating and can even cause headaches. OLOMEE reading glasses feature high quality +2.50 magnification lenses to solve this problem.

Each lens is carefully crafted from optical grade materials that provide distortion-free viewing. The transparent coating filters blue light and minimizes glare.

Whether you’re reading a book or reviewing a restaurant menu, the text will look clear, crisp, and easy to see. Stop squinting and enjoy effortless reading anywhere.

Convenient All-In-One Set

You’ll always have a pair ready with this 4 pack! Keep readers in your bedroom, kitchen, office, purse and more.

Each pair comes in a soft protective pouch to prevent scratches. A cleaning cloth allows you to wipe smudges away quickly.

You get everything you need for your reading glasses in one convenient bundle. No need to hunt for accessories or pay extra.

Our Promise to You

Your satisfaction means everything to us. We back our women’s reading glasses with a 90 day money back guarantee.

If you don’t absolutely love your OLOMEE readers, contact us for a full refund or replacement. We’ll make it right.

We stand behind our products and customer service 100%. Give these readers a try today risk free!


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