Optic Shop Eyeglass Frame Grips-Hinge Tighteners – Finally Keep Your Glasses Securely In Place!


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Tired of your eyeglasses constantly slipping down your nose? Do you find yourself pushing them back up every few minutes? It can be incredibly annoying and frustrating when your glasses won’t stay put. Not to mention it throws your vision out of whack each time they slide down. Well, say goodbye to that problem for good with Optic Shop’s innovative Eyeglass Frame Grips!

These clever little grips slide right over the hinges of your eyeglass frames to provide flexible tension that keeps them securely in place. No more having to continually reposition your eyewear throughout the day. The Optic Shop Frame Grips will keep your glasses feeling snug and comfortable right where they belong.

Customizable Tension For A Personalized Fit

Each Eyeglass Frame Grip features a flexible rubber ring design that allows you to control just how tight or loose you want the tension to be. Simply stretch the grip open wider for looser tension, or use a smaller opening for a tighter hold. This makes it easy to find the perfect customized fit for your specific eyeglasses.

The flexible rubber material also ensures a soft, comfortable feel behind your ears. No hard plastic or metal digging into your skin. Just a soft grip that stays in place comfortably and inconspicuously.

Universal Fit For All Frame Styles

Designed to fit most standard eyeglass frame bows, these universal grips measure approximately 7mm in outside diameter and 4mm for the inside diameter. Make sure to measure your own eyeglass bows to ensure proper fit before purchasing.

The grips slide easily over the hinges on both sides of your frames, providing equal grip and tension on both ear pieces. This innovative design works for almost all common frame styles, from classic wayfarers to modern cat-eye frames. As long as your bows are 4mm or less, these grips will keep them feeling secure.

Easy To Apply And Remove

Slipping the Optic Shop Eyeglass Grips onto your frames is quick and easy. Just gently stretch them open and slide them over the hinges up to the bows. Position them evenly on both sides for optimal performance. Removal is just as simple – just slide the grips back off the hinges when desired.

No tools or special skills required. And no adhesive or screws to deal with like some other options on the market. The grips rely on the flexible tension to stay in place, rather than any permanent mounting. This means you can quickly remove them or switch them to another pair of glasses if needed.

USA-Made Quality and Durability

Produced right here in the United States, these eyeglass grips are made from durable, high-quality materials built to last. The flexible rubber holds its shape well over time without cracking or breaking down.

And a 2-pack per order means you get a spare as well. Keep one set on your favorite everyday glasses and use the other for sunglasses or a backup pair of frames. With proper care, these grips should provide long-lasting performance and stay firmly in place for years of comfortable wear.

Stop Messing With Your Glasses And Keep Them Where They Belong

Never deal with loose, slipping eyeglasses again. For an easy and affordable solution to this annoying problem, grab a set of Optic Shop Eyeglass Frame Grips. Just slide them onto the hinges for adjustable flexible tension that keeps your glasses in place all day long. You’ll forget you’re even wearing them!


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