Panitay 40 Pcs Adhesive Eye Patches for Kids Unicorn Butterfly Panda Rainbow Breathable Kids Eye Patches Light Blocking Adhesive Eyepatch for Lazy Eye Boys Girls Children Regular Size 8 Designs


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Treat your child to the gift of comfortable vision with the Panitay 40 Pcs Adhesive Eye Patches for Kids. These high-quality eye patches feature fun and vibrant designs that kids will love, while also providing total light blocking for lazy eyes and other vision conditions.

Ample Quantity for Uninterrupted Use

The Panitay eye patch set contains a whopping 40 pieces in 8 different fun designs. With 5 pieces per design, you get multiple eye patches in all your child’s favorite styles. This ample quantity means you can replace patches as needed for consistent use without worrying about running out. It also allows sharing with friends and family who have children that need eye patches.

Soft, Breathable Material for Comfort

These adhesive eye patches are crafted using a gentle non woven fabric that is soft and breathable against your child’s delicate skin. The material blocks out light completely, while remaining gentle and comfortable even during extended wear. Always do a skin test before initial use to check for allergies.

Ideal Size for Children’s Faces

Specially designed for children, these eye patches measure approximately 3 x 2 inches, or 75 x 50 mm. This size covers the eye area fully to block light, while remaining small enough to fit comfortably on a child’s face without impeding movement. The patches are easy to apply and remove whenever needed.

Fun Designs Kids Will Love

Instead of a boring medical accessory, these eye patches are a fun accessory! The 8 included designs feature a panda, unicorn, butterfly, rainbow, star, crown, mermaid, and more. Kids will actually look forward to wearing their eye patches and pick their favorite design each day. It makes vision treatment and lazy eye correction much more fun!

Multipurpose Use for Eye Health

These children’s adhesive eye patches have many great uses for promoting healthy vision:

  • Lazy eye treatment – Patching the stronger eye helps train weak eyes.
  • Vision correction – Blocking light improves focus in the uncovered eye.
  • Eye protection – Shields eyes from dust, irritants, and rubbing.
  • Eye relaxation – Allows eyes to rest and recover from strain.

The eye patches are great for daily lazy eye correction therapy at home. Their long-lasting adhesive lets you securely patch the same eye for extended periods without needing to replace the patch.

High Quality You Can Rely On

Panitay is committed to providing effective, pediatrician-approved vision products to help your child see their best. Our eye patches are doctor-recommended and parent approved. All products undergo rigorous testing to meet stringent safety standards for children’s medical devices.

Easy Application in Just 3 Steps:

  1. Clean the skin around the eye thoroughly before application.
  2. Remove adhesive backing and apply patch gently over desired eye.
  3. Press down on all edges securely to maximize light blocking.

To remove, gently peel away from the inner corner outward. Remove any adhesive residue with warm water. Reuse patches up to 3-5 times before discarding.

Give your child the multi-purpose eye patches they want with the 8 fun designs in the Panitay 40 Pcs Adhesive Eye Patches Set. With extended wear comfort and complete light blockage, these pediatrician-approved patches promote healthy vision for kids ages 3 and up. Order a set today!


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