PERFECTSIGHT Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids – Flexible Frame Eye Protection from Screens/UV Rays


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Protect your child’s eyes with PERFECTSIGHT Kids Blue Light Blocking Glasses. The lenses filter out 99% of harmful blue light from devices, reducing digital eye strain, headaches, and UV damage.

Blocks Harmful Blue Light

Prolonged exposure to blue light from screens like phones, tablets, and computers can lead to eye fatigue and headaches in kids. PERFECTSIGHT glasses have lenses that filter out 99% of the blue light waves from 400-455nm, protecting young eyes.

Reduces Eyestrain and Headaches

By blocking blue light, these glasses prevent eye fatigue and headaches associated with long screen time. Kids can play games, read, and do schoolwork without getting tired eyes.

Flexible TR90 Frames

The durable TR90 plastic frames are flexible and nearly unbreakable. Flexible strap for smaller heads. Multiple colors available.

UV400 Protection

Lenses block 100% of UVA/UVB rays up to 400nm. Protects eyes from the sun when outdoors.

Glare Reduction

Special coatings reduce glare and reflections for crisp, clear vision indoors and out.

Ages 4-12

Designed to fit younger kids ages 4-12 years old. Refer to size chart for best fit.

Worry-Free Purchase

We stand behind our products with a money back guarantee. Contact our helpful customer service for any questions or issues!

Give the gift of eye protection with PERFECTSIGHT Blue Light Blocking Glasses for Kids!


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