PPIOOY Comfortable Silicone Nose Pads for Eye Glasses – Non Slip and Soft Push In Pads – 10 Pairs with Anti Fog Glasses Cleaning Cloth


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Tired of your glasses constantly slipping down your nose? Frustrated with uncomfortable plastic or metal nose pads that leave indentations and marks on your skin? Searching for soft, durable nose pads that will keep your eyewear firmly in place all day long? Look no further than PPIOOY’s silicone push in nose pads for eyeglasses and sunglasses.

These innovative oval-shaped nose pads are made of flexible, medical-grade silicone that conforms perfectly to your nose without pinching or chafing. The soft silicone material creates a non-slip seal that prevents glasses from sliding down, while still being gentle on your skin. The smooth surface won’t snag hair or pull eyebrows like some plastic and metal nose pads often do.

Installation is a breeze – simply push in to attach onto your eyeglasses nose pad arm securely. No tools, screws, glue or replacements needed. Their sturdy design stays firmly attached yet can be taken on and off easily for cleaning or transferring to other frames.

PPIOOY’s nose pads are compatible with a wide variety of eyeglasses and sunglasses, including plastic, metal, TR90/TR100 frames. Suitable for both children and adults. Keep multiple pairs on hand to accessorize different eyewear looks. Comes in a convenient multi-pack of 10 pairs so you’ll always have extras when you need them.

Tired of Foggy Lenses? PPIOOY Includes a Bonus Anti Fog Cloth
A common annoyance many eyeglass wearers face is lenses fogging up from humidity, temperature changes, and facial sweat. To help combat this, PPIOOY includes an extra anti fog glasses cleaning cloth with every order. The microfiber material is specially treated to prevent fog buildup and keep your lenses crystal clear. Gentle enough for daily lens wiping and cleaning.

Why Choose PPIOOY Silicone Nose Pads?

✔ COMFORTABLE – Made of soft, flexible medical-grade silicone that’s safe, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Conforms to the nose comfortably without pinching or leaving marks.

✔ NON SLIP – Textured surface provides a secure grip that prevents glasses from sliding down constantly. Great for active lifestyles.

✔ EASY INSTALLATION – Just press onto the nose pad arm until firmly attached. No tools or screws needed.

✔ UNIVERSAL FIT – Suitable for a wide variety of plastic and metal eyeglasses and sunglasses frames. Kids and adults.

✔ DURABLE DESIGN – Sturdy silicone construction stays securely attached. Can be removed and reattached as needed for cleaning and switching frames.

✔ ANTI FOG CLOTH – Bonus microfiber cleaning cloth prevents lens fogging and keeps glasses clear.

✔ MULTI PACK – Convenient 10 pairs per pack means always having spares handy.

Forget about nose pad discomfort and slippage ruining your day. Experience the difference of PPIOOY’s innovative silicone push in design. Your glasses will stay firmly, comfortably in place so you can focus on life uninterrupted.

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