Preserve Your Vision and Defend Against Digital Eye Strain


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Our OPTOFENDY blue light blocking glasses are designed to protect your eyes from exposure to harmful blue light emitted from digital devices like computers, smartphones, and tablets. The proprietary multi-layered filtering lenses block over 99% of high-energy blue light while maintaining color accuracy and visual clarity. Say goodbye to headaches, dry eyes, blurred vision, and sleep disruption caused by digital screens.

Advanced Lenses Filter Harmful Blue Light

The acrylic lenses utilize intelligent filtering technology with multiple layers to reduce blue light transmission while preserving natural color rendition. Unlike cheap blue blockers that give everything an unnatural yellow/orange tint, our glasses filter just the harmful blue-violet wavelengths between 380-500nm. This protects your eyes without distorting colors. You’ll experience true color reproduction and clarity when viewing digital screens or under LED lighting.

Reduces Glare for Comfortable Viewing

Staring at bright screens all day can strain your eyes, especially if there is glare involved. Our lenses are treated with an anti-reflective coating that cuts down on glare to create comfortable viewing. You’ll no longer have to squint at your computer screen or phone. The lenses also have a subtle magnification, so you can see details more clearly.

Lightweight Design for All-Day Wear

The sleek square frames are made of durable metal with flexible spring hinges for a personalized fit. Adjust the pads on the bridge and nose for the ideal comfort level that eliminates pressure. The U-shaped silicone nose pads prevent any slipping. At just 35g, these ultra-lightweight glasses almost disappear on your face, making them easy to wear all day long.

Protect Your Circadian Rhythm

Emerging research shows blue light after sunset suppresses melatonin production and delays your circadian clock. This negatively impacts sleep quality and duration. Our blue light blocking glasses can restore healthy sleep patterns by filtering blue light emitted from phones, TVs, and tablets in the evening. Protect your natural bio rhythm and feel more rested.

Versatile Styling for Work or Play

Flaunt the chic, semi-rimless square frames at work or play. The sleek metal design flatters most face shapes. Customize your look by swapping out the lenses for your own prescription. Use the included glasses case and cleaning cloth to keep them looking fresh wherever you go. These digital eye protectors pull double duty as stylish computer glasses for men and women.

Reliable Blue Light Protection

Don’t compromise your eye health or sleep quality. Our OPTOFENDY blue light blocking glasses are lab tested and proven to filter high-energy blue light. Enjoy crisp, undistorted vision while defending against digital eye strain. Preserve your eye health and get the most out of your tech devices with innovative filtering lenses.


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