Prospek Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Refined Optical Clarity and Style


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Look sharp while protecting your eyes from digital strain with Prospek’s blue light blocking glasses. Designed with cutting-edge lens technology and timeless styling, these blue light computer glasses filter out high-energy visible (HEV) light for comfortable reading, working, and gaming.

Superior Blue Light Protection

Prospek lenses use a proprietary formula that blocks intense blue light emitted from digital screens, without distorting natural color perception. By filtering only the most damaging light rays, you get crisp, vivid vision free from harsh yellow or orange tints. The result? Reduced eyestrain, headaches, and fatigue when using electronic devices for extended periods.

Unrivaled Optical Clarity

See your screens clearly with Prospek’s ultra-refined lenses. Eight advanced coatings including anti-glare and smudge resistance optimize visual acuity. The carefully calculated light filtering minimizes color distortion for truer color rendition and image sharpness.

Stylish Unisex Frames

With timeless styling in lightweight yet durable materials, Prospek blue light glasses complement any look. The smart design suits both men and women for all-day wear at the office, home, or on the move.

All-Purpose Blue Light Protection

Use Prospek computer glasses to combat digital eye strain from:

  • Computer screens
  • Smartphones and tablets
  • E-readers like Kindle
  • Gaming monitors and VR headsets
  • LED lighting

The subtle tint works wonders while reading, working, browsing, or playing games without distorting colors and contrast.

Reduces Sleep Disruption

Blue light exposure at night from electronics can suppress natural melatonin production and upset your circadian rhythms. Prospek lenses block just enough blue light to prevent sleep disruption, while letting you enjoy screens comfortably in the evenings.

Premium Construction

From the sturdy yet lightweight acetate frames to the precision-engineered lenses, Prospek blue light glasses are made to last. Both durable and comfortable for all-day wear at home, work, and on the go.

A Gift They’ll Appreciate

Surprise the tech lover in your life with the gift of Prospek blue light computer glasses. They’ll appreciate both the stylish frames and protective lenses that reduce digital eye strain.

The Prospek Advantage

Experience the difference Prospek computer glasses offer:

  • Advanced lens technology filters HEV blue light
  • No harsh yellow tint – just crisp, vivid vision
  • Reduces headaches and eye fatigue from screens
  • Minimizes sleep disruption from evening use
  • Sleek unisex frames flatter all faces
  • Durable lightweight acetate construction
  • Smudge, scratch and glare resistant lenses
  • Premium quality at an affordable price

Buy From a Trusted Brand

With over a decade perfecting eyewear, Prospek is committed to helping consumers see their best. Try our blue light glasses risk-free for 30 days. If you don’t love them, return for a full refund.

Clearer Vision is Within Reach

Reduce digital eye strain in style with Prospek blue light glasses. Order a pair today to experience colors vividly and comfortably when staring at screens.

Customer Questions & Answers

Question: Do these block 100% of blue light from screens?

Answer: No, Prospek lenses filter only the highest energy blue-violet wavelengths most responsible for eyestrain. This allows for optimal eye protection while preserving natural color perception and contrast.

Question: Will these blue light glasses fit over prescription eyeglasses?

Answer: Yes, Prospek blue light blocking glasses will fit comfortably over most regular prescription glasses. The frames have an adjustable nose pad and extended temples to accommodate prescription lenses.

Question: Do you make these in different color frames like red or tortoise?

Answer: Currently we offer these blue light filtering glasses in the black and transparent frame colors only. But we are expanding our collection, so check back on the Prospek store page for new frame color options coming soon!

Question: Can my 8 year old wear these for online school?

Answer: We recommend checking with your child’s optometrist, but Prospek blue light glasses can provide eye protection starting around age 7-8. Make sure to get the correct size for a comfortable fit.

Question: What is the lens material?

Answer: Prospek blue light glasses feature shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses for optimal durability, strength and clarity.

Question: Do these lenses offer UV protection?

Answer: Our clear blue light filtering lenses do not provide UV protection. We recommend wearing Prospek glasses over your regular prescription or sunglasses for UV blocking capabilities.

Question: Can I get these with my prescription?

Answer: Unfortunately we do not offer these with prescription lenses. However, the frames do accommodate most prescription lenses for blue light protection with improved vision. Check with your eye doctor for prescription options.


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