proSPORT Multifocal Progressive 3 Magnifications in 1 Lens No Line Computer Gaming Reading Glasses – Retro Yet Stylish 3-in-1 Readers for Men & Women


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Tired of having to switch between multiple pairs of reading glasses to see near, intermediate, and far distances clearly? With the proSPORT Multifocal Progressive 3 Magnifications in 1 Lens No Line Computer Gaming Reading Glasses, you’ll get the visual clarity you need whether you’re reading a book, working on the computer, playing video games, or driving.

These innovative multifocal reading glasses feature aspheric lenses with 3 different magnifications blended seamlessly into one single lens to provide crisp, clear vision at any distance. The bottom portion of the lens has your chosen reading power for seeing nearby objects up close. The middle section has an intermediate power ideal for computer work. The top area has the weakest magnification for clear distant vision. There are no visible lines, just smooth transitions between the different zones.

With proSPORT’s trifocal reader glasses, you can easily go from reading the morning newspaper, to checking emails on your laptop, to driving to the store without needing to constantly change eyewear. The seamless multifocal design also makes them great for gaming, allowing you to see your controller and the TV screen in sharp focus. No more squinting or eye fatigue!

Key Features:

  • Aspheric scratch-resistant lenses with anti-reflective coating
  • 3-in-1 magnifications – readers for near, intermediate & far
  • Wide range of strengths from +1.00 to +3.50
  • No visible lines on lenses for smooth transitions
  • Reduces glare, eye strain and visual fatigue
  • Classic and stylish vintage inspired frames
  • Unisex design suits both men and women
  • Set of 2 pairs at an affordable price

No More Switching Readers – Seamless Multifocal Vision

Having to constantly change between single vision readers can be a real hassle. With proSPORT’s 3-in-1 progressive readers, you’ll enjoy seamless transitions between different magnifications.

The lower section of the lenses features your chosen reading power for crisp viewing of books, menus, documents, medication bottles, and more. Move your eyes up and the intermediate zone brings computer screens and gadgets into clear focus. Look through the top weaker portion and far distances become sharp and visible.

With proSPORT’s trifocal design, your eyes will effortlessly move between the different fields of vision without any blurred areas. No visible lines mean the transitions between zones are smooth and natural.

Whether you’re engrossed in a novel, typing up reports, playing video games, doing crafts, cooking dinner, or driving, you’ll have the right magnification for the task at hand. No more squinting, eye strain, or constantly switching readers!

Aspheric Scratch-Resistant Lenses With Anti-Glare Coating

See clearly and comfortably with proSPORT’s durable aspheric lenses specially formulated to minimize distortion. The scratch-resistant coating protects your lenses from day-to-day scratches and scuffs.

The anti-reflective coating reduces glare and annoying reflections that can cause eye strain. By blocking reflective light, these trifocal computer glasses allow for truer color perception and enhanced contrast. You’ll experience less visual fatigue even after prolonged reading or screen time.

With reduced glare, proSPORT’s multifocal reading glasses are ideal for driving at night as they cut through reflective light from headlights and street signs that can cause haziness. The anti-reflective coating also makes them more cosmetically appealing by eliminating ugly lens reflections and providing a clearer view of your eyes.

Classic and Stylish Frames

proSPORT’s retro frames take inspiration from vintage 1980s eyewear design with a contemporary twist. Both men and women will appreciate the classic look and comfortable fit.

Choose between horn-rimmed frames in shiny black, cool transparent brown, or mottled tortoiseshell brown patterns. The temples feature small stud details for some understated bling. Or go for lightweight TR90 frames in black, grey, or camo prints.

The wayfarer-inspired silhouette flatters a variety of face shapes. The frames are made from durable materials like TR90 thermoplastic and stainless steel to maintain their shape. Spring hinges add flexibility.

The unisex vintage look lets you show off your refined style whether at home, work, or play. The geek chic design takes you back in time while keeping you comfortable.

Wide Range of Magnification Strengths

With powers ranging from +1.00 to +3.50, you’re sure to find your ideal magnification strength with proSPORT’s 3-in-1 progressive reading glasses. Their variety of lens strengths allows you to get the right level of visual support whether you have mild close-up blurriness or stronger presbyopia.

Choose lower strengths like +1.00 or +1.50 if you have early-stage presbyopia and mainly need help with small text. Go for +2.50 or +3.00 for advanced presbyopia causing moderate blurry vision while reading. And pick +3.50 if you have severe near-vision difficulties.

proSPORT multifocal glasses come with a matching storage case and cleaning cloth. Enjoy clear and relaxed vision without spending a fortune. With quality lenses and frames, they make a practical and fashionable addition to your optical collection.


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