Przene Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses – 4 Pack Spring Hinge Readers for Women and Men


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Tired of squinting to read restaurant menus, product labels, text messages, books, and anything else in arm’s reach? Ready to reduce eye strain while protecting your vision? Introducing the Przene Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses 4 Pack – the most convenient and affordable way to magnify text AND filter out harmful blue light rays.

Designed for all-day comfort, these lightweight unisex readers feature scratch-resistant, transparent lenses that come in a universal medium magnification strength that works for most people. The stylish wayfarer shape flatters every face shape. An adjustable spring hinge allows the arms to flex for a custom fit. Each set includes four pairs (black, blue, red, and purple) so you can stash readers wherever you need them – at home, work, or in your bag.

If you spend hours each day staring at digital screens like your cell phone, tablet, and computer, it’s essential to reduce exposure to High Energy Visible (HEV) blue light that can lead to digital eye strain, fatigue, blurred vision, headaches, and poor sleep. Przene’s blue light blocking lenses add a subtle tint that filters out 90% of HEV blue light so you can read comfortably for longer periods.

Turn the page on eye fatigue and enjoy sharper vision with these blue light blocking reading glasses! The benefits:

All-Day Magnified Vision

– Virtually invisible 1.00 power medium lens strength suitable for most users
– Crisp magnification for reading small text and seeing details
– Reduces eye fatigue and strain from reading fine print

Filtered Blue Light for Digital Protection

– Special lens treatment blocks 90% of harmful blue light from screens
– Helps prevent headaches, blurred vision, sleep issues from blue light
– Allows comfortable reading and screen viewing for extended periods

Stylish & Functional Design

– Trendy semi-rimless wayfarer reader style flatters all faces
– Adjustable spring hinges flex for a custom tailored fit
– Lightweight construction for long-term wearing comfort
– Scratch-resistant lenses for durability and clear vision

4 Pairs of Assorted Colors

– Keep readers handy at home, office, in purse, car, or backpack
– Choose from black, blue, purple, and red frames
– Change colors to match your mood or outfit!

Worry-Free Purchase

– 30-day money back guarantee ensures a risk-free purchase
– One-year limited manufacturer’s warranty
– Friendly US-based customer service resolves any issues

Give your eyes a break and look stylish at the same time with the Przene Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses 4 Pack! These medium power readers come in a variety of shades to suit any activity. Keep a pair bedside for reading before bedtime. Have another set handy on your desk for work. Toss the purple pair in your handbag for menus and messages on the go. Anytime your eyes feel tired from reading, just slip on these readers for instant relief and protection.

The blue light filtering lenses are lightly tinted but don’t distort colors or alter your vision in any way other than making text appear larger and sharper. You’ll quickly forget you’re even wearing them thanks to the extremely lightweight and comfortable design. The spring hinges self-adjust to gently hug your head without pinching behind the ears like traditional fixed-arm glasses.

Treat your eyes right with these blue light blocking reading glasses. Avoid headaches and eye fatigue even after hours of reading or screen time. The medium 1.00 power lenses accommodate most prescriptions for crystal clear magnification. Przene readers are also ideal for anyone who needs over-the-counter magnification for hobbies like sewing, woodworking, jewelry-making, and model building which require seeing small details.

Why spend $20 or more on a single pair of readers at the drugstore when you can get four for the same price? There’s no need to struggle with tiny text or constantly misplace your glasses. Keep a pair of Przene readers in every room! Each order includes:

– Black wayfarer reading glasses
– Blue wayfarer reading glasses
– Red wayfarer reading glasses
– Purple wayfarer reading glasses

Treat yourself or surprise a loved one who complains about eyestrain when reading. These make a practical gift for moms, dads, grandparents, bookworms, students, coworkers, and anyone else who needs magnification.

We provide a full 30 days to evaluate the fit, lens magnification strength, and overall performance. If for any reason you’re not 100% thrilled, simply return them for a full and prompt refund or replacement. Enjoy peace of mind with the 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Our friendly US-based customer service is always happy to address any concerns to ensure you have an exceptional experience.

Can’t see things up close anymore? Ready to stop squinting? Order the Przene Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses 4 Pack now to enjoy sharper vision while protecting your eyes from the daily damage of digital screens and sunlight!


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