PTSLKHN Silicone Temple Tips – 5 Pairs Anti-Slip Elastic Eyeglass Sleeves for Maximum Comfort and Secure Fit


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Tired of your glasses slipping down your nose or feeling uncomfortable behind your ears? The PTSLKHN Silicone Temple Tips provide the perfect solution! These flexible sleeve covers are designed to fit snugly over your eyeglass arms to prevent slipping while also cushioning your ears for all-day comfort.

Made from soft, durable medical-grade silicone, these temple tip covers add grip and support without irritating sensitive skin. The clear material is subtle and blends right in with your eyewear for a seamless look.

Universal Compatibility for All Glasses Styles

No matter what type of eyewear you wear, these innovative temple tip covers will provide a secure fit. The sleeves measure 3-12mm wide, accommodating both narrow and wide frame arms effortlessly. Whether your glasses have thin wire arms or thick plastic frames, these elastic sleeves stretch to hug each temple evenly.

The ergonomic design is open-ended, allowing the covers to slip on and off your glasses easily while staying fixed in place once on. So you can pop them onto your optical glasses, sunglasses, reading glasses, or sports glasses in seconds!

Slip-Resistant Design for a Comfortable, Stable Fit

The inside of the sleeves feature anti-slip ridges that gently grip your temple arms to prevent sliding. No more having to push your glasses back into place every few minutes!

The snug fit also provides a more customizable, comfortable wearing experience by cushioning your ears and eliminating pressure points. The soft silicone conforms to the unique contours of your face, ears, and temples without pinching or chafing.

So you can wear your eyewear all day long in total comfort, whether you’re working at your desk, running errands, or playing sports. The ergonomic temple tip covers help evenly distribute weight and strain for headache and irritation relief.

Allergy-Free, Odor-Free Material Safe for Sensitive Skin

Constructed from premium-grade silicone, these clear temple tip covers are hypoallergenic and contain zero irritating chemicals. The material is completely BPA and latex-free, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin who are prone to reactions.

The sleeves are also breathable and moisture-wicking, preventing sweat buildup behind your ears on hot days. Air can circulate freely to keep your skin cool and dry.

Plus, the silicone material is odor-free and resists bacteria growth. You don’t have to worry about it retaining strange smells or germs over time.

Quick & Easy to Apply and Remove

Applying and removing the temple tip covers couldn’t be simpler. Just stretch the sleeve open and slip it onto each glasses arm – no tools required. The flexible silicone material and open-ended design make it easy to pop on and off whenever needed.

Many silicone temple tip covers require trimming to size, but these ergonomic sleeves offer a truly universal fit right out of the package. No cutting or adjustments needed – just slip them on for an instant custom fit.

When you need to take the covers off your eyewear, just slide them off the ends of the temple arms seamlessly. The durable silicone construction retains its elasticity and shape wash after wash.

Additional Benefits:

  • Protects your eyeglass frame arms from scratches and damage
  • Allows eyeglasses to sit flush on your face without gaps
  • Absorbs shock and impact to prevent glasses from breaking if dropped
  • Provides extra padding for improved comfort wearing sunglasses
  • Help adjust eyeglasses that are loose or ill-fitting
  • Great for active use while playing sports or exercising

Complete Eyewear Protection and Comfort

Whether you want to stop slippage, cushion irritation, or protect your glasses from damage, the PTSLKHN Silicone Temple Tip Covers deliver complete eyeglass wearing comfort. Their clever ergonomic design provides:

  • Universal fit for all glasses styles and sizes
  • Anti-slip grip to prevent sliding and need for adjustment
  • Soft cushioning at contact points for all-day comfort
  • Protection from scratches, bumps, and drops
  • Breathability and moisture-wicking for a cool, dry feel
  • Odor-free, hypoallergenic silicone safe for sensitive skin

Give your glasses an instant comfort upgrade and the stability to stay firmly in place with these ingenious silicone temple tip sleeves!

Product Details:

  • Quantity: 5 Pairs (10 Count Total)
  • Material: Silicone
  • Color: Clear
  • Dimensions: 3-12mm Wide

Experience Next-Level Eyewear Comfort Now

Ditch discomfort and slippage for good with the PTSLKHN Silicone Temple Tip Covers. With their clever ergonomic design providing a secure grip and cushioned fit for all-day comfort, your glasses will feel like new again.

Try them out risk-free to transform your eyewear wearing experience today!


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