RB.Pilot Mens Blue Light Blocking Reading Glasses – Classic Double Bridge Design with Spring Hinges (Black)


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Do your eyes feel tired and strained after long days working on the computer or reading on your phone? It might be time for blue light blocking glasses.

The RB.Pilot mens reading glasses filter out harmful blue light from screens to give your eyes a break. Their classic double bridge frame design also looks sharp while providing visual comfort.

Key Benefits:

  • Blocks Blue Light – Reduces eye fatigue from screens with lenses that filter 98% of blue light.
  • UV400 Protection – 100% UVA/UVB ray blocking lenses keep eyes healthy.
  • Ultra Lightweight – Durable metallic alloy frame is flexible and weighs only 18g.
  • Spring Hinges – Arms flex and adjust seamlessly to your face for a custom fit.
  • Gift-Boxed – Comes packaged neatly in a box, ready for gifting.

Relief for Tired Eyes

Let’s be honest – we spend a lot of time staring at screens these days.

Computers, phones, tablets…they’ve become a huge part of work and entertainment. But excessive blue light exposure can take a toll on your eyes.

Symptoms like blurred vision, dryness, headaches, and problems sleeping at night are often a result of too much blue light.

The lenses in RB.Pilot reading glasses have a special filter that blocks over 90% of High Energy Visible (HEV) blue light. This alleviates eye strain and fatigue.

Colors and text will look more vivid. You’ll experience less headaches and irritation during long viewing sessions.

Subtle, Smart Frame

In addition to the high-performance lenses, RB.Pilot glasses have an ultra slim, lightweight frame.

The dual-bridge metallic alloy design gives a polished, professional look. It’s ideal for work or casual wear.

Adjustable nose pads ensure the frame sits comfortably on your face without squeezing. Soft silicone pads prevent any slipping.

At just 18g total weight, they weigh less than a small egg! You’ll barely notice them on yet they stay put.

The spring hinges flex to adjust the arms seamlessly to your head size for a custom, gap-free fit. No more slipping down your nose!

Superior Optics

RB.Pilot uses optical grade polycarbonate lenses to maximize visual clarity.

The lenses are treated with an anti-reflective, anti-glare coating to reduce reflections and eye strain.

Colors and text appear sharper and more vivid when viewing screens or reading.

The lightweight yet shatter-resistant lenses hold up to everyday use. Scratches and smudges can be cleaned off easily with the included microfiber cloth.

Versatile Computer Reading Glasses

The RB.Pilot glasses are designed mainly for digital eye strain relief but can be worn for a variety of activities:

  • Working on computers, phones, tablets
  • Reading e-books, documents, reports
  • Gaming or watching videos
  • Driving at night
  • Artificial light environments

Keep a pair with you when you expect extended screen time to give your eyes frequent breaks.

The blue light lenses make a big difference in eye comfort over hours of use. You’ll feel the difference!

Premium Gift Box Packaging

The RB.Pilot reading glasses arrive packaged neatly in a gift-style box.

It includes:

  • Glasses with arms folded
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Hard protective case
  • Gift box with magnetic closure

This makes them a wonderful gift for anyone who works in front of screens – office professionals, gamers, book lovers.

It’s sure to be appreciated by men or women. The classic black frame and subtle branding look stylish yet understated.

Worry-Free Purchase

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed with RB.Pilot blue light blocking glasses. Enjoy a full money back return policy.

We stand behind our products and will promptly replace anything that arrives damaged or defective. No need to return the item, just contact us.

Our friendly customer service is ready to assist if you have any issues or questions. We make it right.

Give your eyes a break and see what it’s like to read and work without eye fatigue again!

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