REAVEE Ultra Thin Armless Reading Glasses for Men and Women with Mini Portable Case and Cleaning Cloth – Orange +1.5


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Tired of bulky reading glasses getting in your way? Ready to ditch temple arms that pinch behind your ears? REAVEE’s innovative clip-on reading glasses offer a lightweight, hassle-free solution. These armless readers sit securely on your nose with a flexible titanium alloy clip and soft silicone pads. The compact size and included hard case make them easy to take anywhere. With crystal clear lenses in a range of magnifications, they provide instant vision correction when you need it – no more squinting or eye strain. Discover why customers love this clever, portable design that slips in a pocket or purse for reading on the go.

Ultra-Lightweight Frame

Weighing just 6 grams, you’ll barely notice these featherlight reading glasses. The durable composite frame maximizes field of vision while minimizing bulk. REAVEE engineered the bridge and nose clip to be flexible and comfortable rather than rigid and tight. Armless construction eliminates pressure points behind the ears. Overall width is a mere 3.94 inches – about the size of a credit card. The sleek, transparent optics won’t distract or overwhelm your face.

Quick Vision Correction When You Need It

Instantly convert these glasses into reading magnification. Just pinch the nose clip open, position it across the bridge of your nose, and release. Soft silicone pads hold the lenses in place gently and securely. The +1.5 magnification lenses make text appear 33% larger and clearer. Keep them in your pocket or bag to whip out anytime you need to read a menu, product label, text message, newspaper, map, or other fine print. Unlike bifocals or progressives, the magnification is through the entire lens for ease of use.

Take Them Anywhere – Home, Office, Travel

The included protective hard case means you can safely bring these slim readers anywhere. Tuck them in your bag or purse to pull out at a moment’s notice. Keep them by the couch, in your study, or at the office to reduce digital eye strain. The portable design is perfect for travel near and far. Have your REAVEE readers handy at the airport, in the car, or while sightseeing to view maps and itineraries. Use them at restaurants to peruse the menu without squinting.

No Slipping, No Pinching

Say goodbye to ill-fitting readers that slide down your nose or pinch it uncomfortably. REAVEE’s clever clip-on frame stays firmly in place thanks to stabilizing nose pads. Unlike temple arms, there’s no poking or poking behind the ears. The titanium alloy nose bridge provides a secure yet comfortable grip. Open and close the clip easily as needed without adjusting sizing. The frames also come with a cleaning cloth to keep your lenses clear and smudge-free.

Our Promise to You

We know you’ll love the convenience and versatility of these ultra-slim clip-on reading glasses. That’s why we back them with a 90 day money back guarantee along with a lifetime warranty against defects. Know that we stand behind our products and aim for your utmost satisfaction. Don’t struggle with hard-to-read text for another day. Get instant vision correction anywhere with REAVEE’s clever readers. Just clip them on and see the difference!


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