Red and Green Clip On Glasses for Amblyopia Training and Stereoscopic Vision


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Get your vision back on track with these red and green clip-on glasses for amblyopia training. Designed to improve visual function and strengthen weak eyes, these lightweight glasses feature a red lens over the right eye and a green lens over the left eye.

The contrasting colors work together to train both eyes equally by forcing them to work harder. As you look through the lenses, the red and green tint isolate each eye, improving coordination and promoting proper convergence. Over time, regular use helps stimulate underdeveloped eyes and nerves, bringing vision back into balance.

In addition to amblyopia correction, these 3D stereoscopic glasses can be used for a variety of training exercises to improve ocular motor skills. The red/green tint creates a dissociation effect that enhances depth perception, sharpens focus, and establishes proper eye teaming abilities. This makes them useful for sports vision training, reading skill development, lazy eye treatment, and more.

Crafted from durable eco-friendly materials, these training eyeglasses feature sturdy plastic clip-on frames that fit over prescription glasses or sunglasses. The lightweight design makes them comfortable for extended wear. Plus, the included case ensures safe portability so you can take them anywhere.

Strengthen your vision and maximize your visual potential with these versatile convergence training glasses. The red/green tint stimulates both eyes for improved coordination and depth perception.


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