Refresh Your Frames with the TEKPREM Complete Eyeglass Nose Pads Repair Kit


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Tired of your eyeglasses sliding down your nose or feeling uncomfortable? It might be time to replace your nose pads. With the TEKPREM Complete Eyeglass Nose Pads Repair Kit, you can easily refresh your frames and make them feel like new again. This kit has everything you need for a quick and easy at-home repair.

Complete Kit for Nose Pad Replacement

Inside this handy case, you’ll find:

– 5 Pairs of Air Chamber Silicone Nose Pads – Our soft silicone nose pads create an air chamber for maximum comfort and a secure fit. Includes 1 pair of standard silicone nose pads.

– Replacement Nose Pad Screws – Diameter 1.0mm screws fit most frames for straightforward nose pad replacement.

– 2 Eyeglass Screwdrivers – The 2.0mm Phillips screwdriver expertly fits nose pad screws, plus a bonus 4-in-1 keychain screwdriver.

– Curved Tweezer – This high precision tweezer makes it easy to grip and position nose pad parts during repair.

– Cleaning Cloth – Gently wipe down frames before and after replacing nose pads.

With this comprehensive kit, you’ll have the high-quality tools and replacement parts you need to fix loose nose pads or swap out worn pads. The case keeps everything neatly organized for quick repairs anytime.

Breathe New Life into Uncomfortable Eyeglasses

Do your eyeglasses constantly slide down your nose no matter how often you push them up? Do the nose pads feel rock hard and uncomfortable? Those are clear signs you need new nose pads.

Over time, nose pads can lose their softness and flexibility. Silicone material will degrade and the pads won’t conform to your nose bridge anymore. This allows frames to shift and slip, leaving you fidgeting with your eyewear all day long.

Replacing the nose pads restores comfort and stability to uncomfortable eyeglasses. Our air chamber silicone pads offer soft, customizable support that conforms perfectly to your nose. The air chamber design creates a secure “suction cup” fit to keep frames firmly in place. No more slipping and sliding!

Easy DIY Repair for Any Frame

With the TEKPREM kit, you can swap out nose pads and get a custom fit in just minutes.

Start by using the curved tweezer to remove the existing nose pad screws. Then grip the old nose pads and pull them off the frames.

Next, select the size of air chamber silicone pad that fits your nose bridge and frame best. Use the Phillips screwdriver to attach new pads with provided screws.

Finish up by using the cleaning cloth to gently wipe down frames. Voila – you’ve revived your eyeglasses with fresh, comfortable nose pads!

Whether you have plastic or metal frames, our universal kit has everything required for a quick and easy nose pad replacement. Both the beginner and seasoned eyeglass wearer can refresh their glasses at home.

Stop putting up with uncomfortable and ill-fitting eyewear. Order the TEKPREM Eyeglass Nose Pads Repair Kit today to restore comfort and stay power to your frames!


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